Ticking in ears... inner ear spasm?

Hi all, I have tinnitus quite badly and now for about the last couple of weeks I’ve got a very high-pitched fast ticking in my ears… both of them but not both at same time… and periods when it stops altogether.

Anyway I thought it must be another tinnitus problem but doing some internet research I see it might be a spasm of a muscle in the inner ear.

Anyone else got this and has been told if it is spasm or tinnitus?

Don’t really know why I’m asking as won’t solve the problem… but maybe someone out there has got advice on how to stop it… it’s very annoying although… thankfully… not painful.

Pat x (tick tick tick tick tick hell )

Oh Pat, I`ve always thought it must be horrid to have tinnitus…I was going to suggest that as a reason for your clicking.

But I didnt know you already have tinnitus.

So if it is a new spasm, then that`s a real problem. I wonder if upping the baclofen will help?

I am guessing you take baclofen…right?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, no not on baclofen.

Only rarely had painful spasms… usually I just get those muscles moving around like there’s a small creature under the skin… but not painful.

Now with the rectum and the ears maybe I should go on it…

Thanks hon. Tinnitus is horrible. I got it right at the beginning of my MS and it gets louder when symptoms are bad… so neuro thinks it’s MS related.

Just another little gift from MS. It just keeps on giving…

Pat x

Hi Pat

I agree with Poll, maybe worth trying baclofen, takes the edge

of it for me, but remember if you do, start on a low dose and

Feel for you, cos a neighbour of mine has tinnitus and she says

it nearly drives her nuts.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Pat

sorry, I am having a brain fart …it should read start on a low dose

and increase gradually.

Think I need a rest!!

Pam x

Hi, do you use anything to help you get off to sleep? I`ve heard about special pillows with in-built sounds.

luv Pollx

Yeah, definitely get this! Have never bothered mentioning it, as it seemed well down my list of worries, so never been told it’s anything.

But like you, my research led me to the possibility it’s spasms of the tiny muscles of the inner ear. I can’t exactly hear it - it’s more of a feeling. I’ve described it before as “like a moth trapped in there”. It’s like a fast flutter; a few beats, then stop, then another few beats.

I have it mostly in my left ear, but occasionally my right. But so far, like yours, never both. It’s only a relatively recent development - I’m sure I never had it at all pre-diagnosis, so I’ve definitely made the link. It happens most often in the early morning, before my first dose of Baclofen. The longest I’m ever without the drug. Coincidence? You be the judge…



Interesting Tina. As you say it’s not exactly a terrible symptom compared with all the other stuff… but mildly irritating. But mine is definite ticking… like a small watch.

The tinnitus on the other hand is really distressing at times.

Poll I have got a ‘sound box’ which plays noises of sea, rain, etc which is very soothing. But recently I have been trying a new tactic. I’m spending more time in silence so that I just get used to the noises. After all I will most probably have them for the rest of my life.

It’s working to a certain extent. When I read in evening I don’t put sound box or radio on but just read in silence and I have noticed that the tinnitus is bothering me less. It’s not that you stop hearing it (it’s much too loud for that) but you just get used to it and accept it.

A bit like other MS symptoms… stop fighting them, accept them, & it all gets a bit easier.

Anyway thanks for responses. I’ll mention it when I next see GP or MS nurse… but I think it’s going to be “one of those things”.

Pat x

The funny thing is Pam is I didn’t even notice the error! We are obviously on same wave-length…

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Yes, I get a clicking/ticking noise in my left ear sometimes, and sometimes I can hear my pulse - reassuring me I’m alive!!

Doesn’t bother me to much and doesn’t last very long, 10 mins? but think I decided it was a spasm in my inner ear.

At least I’m not Captain Hook! ha ha

(shouldn’t make a joke about symptoms but sometimes it helps)

Jen x

It didn’t post…

Hi Pat,

I get a clicking/ticking in my left ear, very occasionally. Only lasts about 10 minutes, decided it was spasm in inner ear. I’m on tizanidine.

At least I’m not Captain Hook!! (sorry sometimes you have to joke about symptoms)

Jen x


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As this post is resurrected I’ll give an update…

I still get the ticking! Not all the time… it goes away for a few weeks & then comes back. I’m sure it’s a spasm.

As I’ve also got tinnitus (MS related) and mild hearing loss, I’m assuming I’ve got a lesion in the area that has to do with the ears (I’ve got eye problems as well so maybe all same part of brain).

But better be safe than sorry… make sure you get any ear trouble checked out by GP. It can be something as easy as wax build-up in the ear.

Pat x

Thanks Jen for bumping this.

Really interesting.

Interesting Pat that your tinnitus is MS related. It does make you think. A lot of us seem to be suffering from ear noises etc. I get terrible ON so I am wondering whether the ears are affected as well. Every time I go to my neuro appt he asks if my ears are ok.

Sorry you are suffering too.

Shazzie xx

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Thanks goldrat, I found this now.

Hi Snow Leopard, I too have tinnitus, just in 1 ear, very annoying, but I have noticed that at times this has now started to effect both ears, a bit like yours, I just thought it was the tinnitus, I already take Baclofen for spasm, which by the way I get in my eye lids, (yes can you believe it) I couldn’t when my neuro told me, anyway sorry I’ve go away from the blog, mine too gets worse when my MS symptoms are playing up and when I more fatigued, if you find out its spasm’s I will be interested, good luck, x x