What did she think I was going to do?

Hello, everyone.

One of the benefits of having a good robust mobility vehicle is that I am able to attend the occasional community event where the road is closed to traffic and I’m free to mill about amongst the throngs of people. Our Rose loves it when daddy can come along (she gets a ride) and we can operate as a little family.

Last night was the turning on of the Christmas lights in Crowborough. What a surprise when a young fresh-faced police community support officer came leaping over imploring me to stop.

“This is pedestrians only,” she bellowed.

“I’m a pedestrian,” I replied.

“But you’re on a road vehicle.” It was quite tedious having to explain my entitlements to an officer of the law. Anyway, she was really quite patronising in the end:

“Oh promise me you’ll be really careful sweetheart,” soft-voiced, hand on shoulder.

"What was I to say in return?

“Yes this a turbo-charged quad in disguise and I’m going to mow everyone down.”

Just thought I’d share that precious little moment with you. No police community support officers were harmed in the incident. I was quite forgiving.

Best wishes, Steve.


There may be grounds for low powered tasers to be used in the presence of patronising idiots.



I think under the circumstances you were extremely calm Steve…I feel my self getting annoyed for you…what did she expect you to do??? stop park up and walk??? I hope that you a nice time.

Frodsham was very busy this morning, Me , Frazer and Isabelle ventured out and they’d got areas cordoned off and life sized Elves directing people…then i remembered its the Frodsham festival tonight…Thats why it was busy, it will be heaving tonight.

Michelle x


It’s the patronising tone I can’t stand. As if you are NOT usually careful and you should of said ‘My name is Mr Snore, sweetheart’… lol…

Glad you got out and home again without being arrested.

Pat xx


Hi Steve

I would like to write a post in my blog, about your experience of ignorance in able bodied people, if you would consent?

I will of cause not mention any names. Deborah

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That’s fine Deborah.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Maybe she thought you were going to attach spikes to the wheels like Boudicca and plough those Romans down… did she talking louder and slower for you too ?

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A police woman once saw me off load my scooter and questioned my need for it…she said I looked too young to need one!!! I told her MS didn’t discriminate against age!