Went to a coop grocery shop near Godalming at the weekend. Went in without my walking stick and was staggering slightly. It was obvious that the person on the tills thought that I had been drinking - gave me a look of total disdain. Didn’t want to discuss my MS with a total stranger but it is very hard to deal with this sort of reaction…How do you respond?


I know what you are saying, some time ago, I would go up to the school gate for my son and at times would wobble a bit, kinda stagger and I felt that some of the mums were looking at me with disdain, believing I’d had a drink before collecting my child from school, as you say, so i made a point of using my stick at all such situations and no one gave me a second glance plus I was safer having it anyway.

My walking has deteriorated now and I need my stick all the time, so it is routinely with me now, a folding one that is never folded up.



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I probably did get looks like that before my walking stick but what can you do. I have not got the need to explain myself…given up caring what strangers think.

Try and ignore it or take your walking stick if it really bothers you

Just reading back what I’ve written…got myself in a right arsy mood today lol.

It is not easy to ignore these type of situations but having your stick with you should make it easier.

Good luck

Well I went and filled car with petrol. Then waddled to the kiosk to pay, waddled back to car again and got in to drive off. Then there was a knock at the window and a policeman was there asking me to come to the station to be breathalized! I tried to explain I had neuro issues (not MS as still in limbo). Had to go and enjoyed looking at their faces when it registered zero.

Moyna xxx


I keep waiting for that to happen. I go dancing and the police station is just down the road. After class I do walk with a lisp and I’m sure some people have given me funny looks as I get into the car

JBK xx

Hi my balance is still really good and don’t need sticks but I do work with children who have special needs and I find it extremely annoying when people look and judge!!! We are all human and to look is normal but to stare and make assumptions well that just really boils me up so I normally say something really loud so the Pearson staring can hear! Normally shames then into looking the other way and gives us a little laugh

Short of wearing a T-shirt bearing the words I’M NOT DRUNK I HAVE MS it seems we just have to learn to live with ignorance.

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and anyway even if we are all drunk all the time, who could blame us?

who’s round is it?

mine’s a gin and tonic

carole x

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Ooh I say. Gin & Tonic with ice clinking in the glass and a slice of lime…bring it on baby


big smile then look away from them…its none of their business


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hi, the trick is to always keep your walking stick with you in case you run into the starers again, that way you have something to either swing or throw at the bu&&ers !

and mine’s a bacardi and coke, ta.

wendy xx

Like Ellie smile and ignore, but talking about assistance help like sticks , some times i use my three wheel stroller and the amount of people who try and speak to me as if i am thick and this includes the m-i-l so you cannot win , so big smile


hiya again

further to my previous reply…i have several times said… i have a progressive incurable disease but dont feel sorry for me because yours is much worse…ignorance (whilst keeping the big smile on my coupon!)