Do I get a badge!?....

Hi all! Can i ask please… Does the smallest amount of alcohol effect your balance and walking? i have found even the smallest amount even a couple of shandy’s effects me? Also guys do you carry any card or the like to say your an MS sufferer? the reason Ask is i went to go in a bar a few nights back with friends and was having a bad week, stumbles etc, and the bouncer to the bar refused me entry saying I was drunk! I explained I had possible MS and it seems to be a symptom the stumbles, his reply was ive heard them all now! my friends and I went to another bar. I just wondered if you guys carried any evidence for stupid door man? thanks for your time John

would have been handy for the police man who breathalized me at 6am a few mornings back too?

I carry a card, downloaded from this site. Must admit, the only time I could have been turned away, I did a self refused entry as it was a crowded queue into a night club and was bumping into others, getting looks of “he is drunk”. Sometimes it is easier than have the aggro!

Vince thanks bud! thats good to know… mind you its been awhile now that i havent been billed for burning a hole in the dance floor! lol It’s more find a space and a good prop.

I have also been refused entry to a pub because the bouncer thought I had had too much already. I didn’t have a badge at the time and thhink that if I go again I may take my walking stick to show that I have a general reason for stumbling and shaking like I am wasted

I was going to suggest a walking stick.

I don’t really need one, but it does help steady me on a wobbly day. If I’m walking back to the train through the rush hour crowds at the end of a busy day in London, then with a stick people realise that I may not be so agile at getting out of their way, and maybe the reason I’m walking funny isn’t because I’ve been in the pub since lunchtime!

May not be for you. I certainly felt self conscious at first with it, but I feel self conscious anyway when wobbly, so there’s no avoiding that.

All the best


Carry a walking stick or elbow crutch. You could have a folding stick. But it does ‘show’ that there is something wrong with you rather then being drunk! l often feel we would get more ‘sympathy and consideration’ if we had a leg in a plaster cast.


ps. For me - my stumbling about in our crowded village pub - does give me the opportunity to grab hold of the lovely guys in the bar-to balance myself. ‘‘Ooh! Young Men’’

the second card explains you have ms and the general symptoms and its free!


lol Campion you did make me laugh! Which pub was it you drink in?lol. Guys thank you for all your helpful advice and information, your stars. It gives me confidence knowing i should be able to keep my sense of humor through all this, cause you guys hav’nt lost yours. Thank you John

Hi. I had the same experience when I was on holiday in Chicago! I stumbled as I went into the bar, and my wife explained that I has ms and they were fine and quite apologetic. My MS nurse subsequently gave me a card from the ms society that has a list of symptoms and ‘needs’ i.e. toilet emergency or I’m fatigued. It’s been very helpful and I carry it in my wallet. Ag.

Hi Dave that sounds like me even my physios says that I don’t need my quadraped and I walk faster than it but I too like it for the extra support when outside I see it as as mobile banister because when climbing stairs at home I put one hand to the banister and the other to the wall.