What can I wear while walking my dogs to show I'm not drunk!

When I walk, I stagger about and look a bit drunk especially when I’m out walking my dogs. Is there anything I can wear, like a badge or a sticker for my cane or a hi-viz something that will silently tell suspicious or concerned onlookers that this is the way I roll?!

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One of the m.s. societies ‘I’m not drunk’ t shirts ???

I’ve got rather mixed feelings about this.

Do you owe it to strangers to explain that you are “normally” like this? Why?

I suppose some of them might be genuinely concerned - but if, for the sake of argument, you really were drunk, I don’t think it’s actually an offence to walk a dog whilst intoxicated. If you’re not obviously distressed or making a nuisance of yourself, do you have to make apologies or explanations for “walking funny”?

I’m just not sure we should have to justify ourselves, in case strangers might feel uncomfortable - isn’t that their problem, not ours?

Your choice, of course. I’m not trying to influence you - just offering a different point of view.


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I agree with Tina, in fact I’d like a t-shirt saying “I haven’t got ms, I’m drunk”!

If only I really was drunk!

carole x



This is interesting and once again I enjoy learning about the different perspectives by following the thread. Personally I would like to have a switchable badge so that I could swap from “Please make some allowances I have MS” to “Back off with that expression, I am as normal as you are” depending on the circumstances and how I feel.

Cheers Mick


Where do I get one!

Yes me too!


Wear nothing when taking ur dogs out?!

Am sure folk won’t be questioning ur gait!

Everybody has issues not all visible. We keep hearing of ‘treat all as individuals’ from various sources but humans get comfort from labels whether we admit that or not! Just be you-no explanation needed.



Walking poles hold you up well - better then a stick. Have a look at a Veloped. lts a great piece of kit for the walking wounded who want to get out and about the countryside.

My rollator is good for uneven ground. lt is a Topro Olympus. l can get around the garden with it. To take my dogs out - l use my Tramper scooter - goes anywhere. Two Rotties and a sheepdog - and now a little pugx and a Patterdale terrier that are ‘lodging’ with me for a while. The little ones bully my Rotts - lndoors and out.

I like it!!!

Just get a badge that says ‘up yer Kilt’ i have a sticker on the back of my scooter that says it,it makes me smile. lol

J x

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I must admit, I’m probably guilty of wanting it both ways.

When I nearly fell over on the bus the other day, and there was a ripple of laughter (I do stress nearly - I’m sure they’d have been more sympathetic if I’d actually gone over), I did come pretty close to shouting: “It’s NOT funny! Can’t you SEE I’m disabled?”

But then I realised: “No, of course they can’t! I don’t have a stick or anything - how would they?” To them, I’m just the funny lady doing the balancing act - they’d never suspect I’m ill.



I wonder if that T-shirt exists, Carole? If it doesn’t it should!

But then I suppose there’d be the predictable moral outrage that “normies” might wear one, and look as if they’re taking the pss out of people with MS - rather than MSers taking the pss out of themselves.

It probably really wouldn’t be politically correct to print them, but I do like the idea. “No, this isn’t MS - I AM bloody drunk!”

Could save it especially for college reunions, and things like that, where binge-drinking is not only likely, but expected.



Tina, I remember seeing a T shirt with "I do not have tourettes, you are a ?@:**^ " … not sure if I should have giggled but I did

I reserve the right to want things both ways and to assume that everyone will guess exactly how I am feeling at all times. :wink:


They sell them on here.

Ok. Found them under fundraising - Christmas catalogue - £8, after a ridiculous amount of time. Different from the previous ones on here. Can we not just gave a ‘shop’ button ???

I’ve always wanted a ‘Dyslexic Winker’ t shirt. I too liked the tourettes t shirt.


Was just going to post much the same - after the same amount of time spent looking!

It’s not immediately obvious, is it?

For anyone who’s not yet been successful in finding them, here’s the link: Charity Card Shops by Impress Publishing

Also “charitycardshop.com” is actually an external site!

I’m not saying that means there’s anything dodgy about it - I can see it makes sense for charities to reduce duplication of effort, and have a collective webstore, instead of each running their own.

But it comes as something of a surprise when you’re searching for MSS merchandise, and find yourself directed off the MSS website.


So true!


Just take a big stick with you and give anyone who comments a wack. Works for me!!

Shazzie xx

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