What cheers you up?

Hi all,

I’m sure I can’t be the only one spending her weekends in limbo-land counting symptoms, googeling causes, going over test results another time as if that can magically tell me what’s wrong and what to do about it, wondering if that tingling is imagined or actual symptom, trying to picture a life with MS (long before I’ve seen a neuro) and then trying to forget about it all.

So, I was wondering: what books, food, films, TV series, art, game, etc. helps you switch off?

Hi MJ. Okay then, in order: Kate Daniels : erm any : light and fluffy : Miranda & Mrs Browns Boys : cross stitch : tetris on my phone. Brief, but I hate replying on my phone. lol. Angela xx

Hi MJ. Okay then, in order: Kate Daniels : erm any : light and fluffy : Miranda & Mrs Browns Boys : cross stitch : tetris on my phone. Brief, but I hate replying on my phone. lol. Angela xx

I’ve got addicted to this series of big brother! Was having a panic as it finishes tomorrow night but someone told me that celebrity big brother starts next week!

Music (Lindsey Stirling is my current favourite) and receiving the holistic book magazine Cygnus Review every month. Their articles are just so life affirming and uplifting whilst also being realistic and grounded. Look up Cygnus Books if this sounds right for you. Highly recommended. Apart from that, playing with my daughter, watching films, being outside, especially in woodland. Doing Tai Chi.

The fast show, hubbys said he sounds like bob flemming these days with his coughing.Think its to do with swallowing

Hi mj

You’ve just described my current life in your initial post!!!

I love reading, and past favourites have been Phillipa Gregory, Margaret George, Barbara Erskine and anything else that tickles my fancy. Unfortuntately, reading is quite difficult for me these days as it makes me feel lightheaded, brings on my weird eye symtpoms, and I’m even finding it difficult to hold a book at the moment. However, I refuse to give up and do manage a couple of pages at a time (bit different to 2 books minimum a week!). Watching TV/films is a bit the same at the moment, but I do enjoy a good comedy, or a good stiff-upper-lip English war film (especially with a young John Mills in the cast…mmmmmmm)

Other things that cheer me up are getting unexpected hugs from my 18 year old son, cuddles with my chocolate labrador and the knowledge that there is something yummy in the fridge to enjoy later (usually involving chocolate in some form!). Also, simple things like sitting in the conservatory watching the birds and squirrels in the garden…very relaxing!

Lastly, my son is a drummer and has just turned professional, so my greatest pleasure is saving up all my energy and going to see him play live. It’s a struggle, but so worth it and makes my heart literally glow with pride!

Hey, I am just watching Angels 1 - 5 on BBC 2. Sooo english stiff upper lip.

An RAF plane has crashed into the garden of a house. He climbs out with a sore neck. The householders run out and say Good Lord. Have we been introduced? fab stuff, innit? My favourite old movie is Blithe Spirit. Do you like it?

luv Pollx

Ha ha ha…wonderful stuff, eh?

Blithe Spirit is a classic. I also love Brief Encounter…so twee!

The old Ealing comedies are great too!

I love Blythe Spirit too! And mj, you’ve also described my current life too! I wonder if OCD is part of all this as I’ve found that I’m recently listening to the same stuff over and over, can get in a loop doing some things such as Facebook (though that does feature in my work), checking sites for symptoms…perhaps it’s just a coping mechanism. Like chocolate :wink: