What am I describing?

Always happens after a car journey lasting more than an hour. Feel very woolley headed, slightly ‘absent’ in the head, and feel unwell. I wouldn’t call it tiredness but all I want to do is sit down. This lasts about 24 hours after the journey ends.

And what can I do to prevent this happening every time I go out in the car.

Sounds a bit like motion sickness - are you driving the car, or are you a passenger? If you’re a passenger, try not to look out of the windows - I wouldn’t recommend trying this if you’re driving though. Have you asked a GP about it?

Luisa x

If you’re not driving have a loll about on the back seat.If you are driving,stop and have a stand up every 30 mins or so.Maybe the same position,the vibrations from the car,moving your head in a certain manner etc are all causing the problems.


This symptom, (if symptom it is) sounds a lot like my own. That’s why I don’t much like travelling, as even when the car stops, it is as if my eyeballs keep travelling - very weird. I used to get motion sickness before I had MS, but this is quite different. Ho hum!


Definitely motion sickness. Im a driver and get it whilst driving around. Not all the time but suffered from it as a child and now suffering ms get it again, but weirdly me driving?

Im sure its to do with balance and the middle ear? Get your gp to check it out, but be careful, it can mean your driving license being reviewed.



I felt like this recently whilst on holiday. I haven’t been travel sick since we had to sit in the back of a car with both parents smoking (this was in the 70’s I hasten to add!). This time I felt very nauseous, very hot and dizzy and my eyes went fuzzy, my husband had to stop the car ASAP for me to escape and thow up. Not pleasant with the children watching, worried them a bit. This didn’t happen every day when out in the car, just twice during the week. If this happens at home I can usually lie down for a bit and is usually subsides, a bit tricky though whilst in the car. I can’t decide if this is a small relapse (even though I am spms) or if it has anything to do with the Oxcarbazepine I’ve started to take recently. It does have nausea and lack of appetite on the list of side effects. Flipping ms, can’t even let you go on holiday without biting you on the bum!! Lilbill x

Thanks for the replies.

I’m absoloutely fine during the journey itself whether I’m driving or being driven.

The problem occurs a couple of hours after the trip - sometimes the next day.

What i can’t understand is that whilst sitting in a car is not physically taxing yet I feel crap after after the journey.

I remember feeling abit like this a few years back. I was prescribed travel sickness tabs sturgeron I think or something like that. They helped and I have never had this sympton since.


Hi I get something similar, I talked it over with the MS nurse who felt that though the driving wasn’t physically taxing it was the concentration required that caused the symptoms. Lorraine


i feel absolutely tired out after driving anything more than 5 miles. fit for nothing!

i’ve just driven into manchester and back (about 30 miles) so i know that tomorrow i’ll be a useless lump!

i just drive when there’s something worth the morning after yuckiness. just for the good times.

oh and the woolliness in the head is a permanent feature these days!

carole x