Feeling ill after travelling

Hi everyone Wondering if anyone has any remedies to beat feeling so ill after travelling ?? It’s guaranteed after a long journey of more than an hour I’m physically sick And a headache ,takes me a couple of days to get over it !! Yesterday tried travel sickness pills but at 2am this morning it got me the sickness and headache and I feel awful today It’s making me feel that I don’t want to travel any more :((( have a few trips coming up but feel like cancel out Sue x

Oh, it would be an awful shame if you cancel your plans.

It does sound like travel sickness, but there are many remedies, so if I were you, IO would see my GP about it, or speak to your pharmacist.

Hope you can find something useful.

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It is really difficult for me to overcome the headache after travelling for more than an hour. It took me more than three days to start feeling better after a long five hour flight. I’m going to take Boudica and talk about it with my GP.

Hi Sue, it is many years since I have been on a plane so I couldn’t say how it would be now. But car travel can be problamatic for me.

As a child I suffered from dreadful travel sickness and had many “old wives remedies” attempted prior and during a journey of any length or duration. All done with the best of intention I hasten to say.

For some reason as I got older it lessend, but i still found difficulty as a passenger in the back of the car and nausea would start very soon into a journey

Once I began driving the problem appeared to go completely however I found it returning after my MS diagnosis.

I would say that being the driver is by far best for me, reading whilst being a passenger is a definate no-no even a map can induce nausea and vomiting within minutes, sitting in the back of a car is possible but only for short journeys.

Of course I am aware that I am very fortunate in being able to still drive but as a passenger in anyones car I do have to be preventative in certain things.

I am sure your GP or a pharmacist at your local chemists would be able to give you the best advice on what suits you and you will be able to enjoy any future travel.

Good luck and best wishes


Spoken with gp regarding the problem He told me to try sea bands and a tablet called spurgen So I will try on my journey next week and see what happens !!! Praying I won’t be ill ,has its the worst thing but strangely awaits till I’m in bed after the journey Thanks for comments