What a difference going private makes


I’ve been having problems on and off for over 6 years. After a really bad few months last year, I ended up seeing a consultant via the NHS, it took 6 weeks to get an appointment and didn’t actually get to see the consultant, longer than that to get a brain scan and 6 months for a follow up, which I’m still waiting for. Fortunately I now have BUPA through work and my GP as referred me to a private hospital. I got an appointment in 2 days, he said I need brain / spine scan and EMG’s, the scan is booked for Tuesday, less than a week after my appointment!!! Unbelievable… I’m really pleased about this and consider myself very fortunate…hopefully I may have some answers soon.

Hope you are all having as good a weekend as possible

Take care

Sharon x

Just realised I have posted this in the wrong area…Doh!!!

Hi Sharon,

I too hope you get a diagnosis very soon too. Yes going private does help, shame nhs treatment isnt as fast and forthcoming.

Wishing you well for your forthcoming tests. Nothing worse than having to wait years for a glimmer of any diagnosis.



Thanks Bren! It does get you down after a while… I hate having to go through all the symptoms, I did a list of all the symptoms I have had over the last few years and how long they lasted, the consultant actually thanked me (twice), and said they were very useful… now that’s a refreshing change

Sharon x

Hi Sharon, I went private to be diagnose a few times in 1995 and it saved my sanity. I think I would have cracked under the pressure waiting on the nhs. I eventually switched to the same constant on the nhs so you may be able to do this too, Good luck and hope it goes well for you. Cheryl :slight_smile:

I understand why you have may that choice Sharon. I did the same myself in 2009 and got a diagnosis within a few weeks. I had BUPA cover but I was shocked when copies of the bills started coming in as treatment had to be pre-agreed and my employer had certain limits in place, so once I had the diagnosis I switched to the NHS. Good luck to you. Peter

Thanks all!!!

Yes Peter the bills can pile up quickly especially when a consultation is around £150. Have checked the limits so I don’t get caught out. Hopefully it will only take one visit…ever the optomist…

Take care