What a difference going private makes!

Hi all,

I've been having problems on and off for over 6 years. After a really bad few months last year, I ended up seeing a consultant via the NHS, it took 6 weeks to get an appointment and didn't actually get to see the consultant, longer than that to get a brain scan and 6 months for a follow up, which I'm still waiting for. Fortunately I now have BUPA through work and my GP as referred me to a private hospital. I got an appointment in 2 days, he said I need brain / spine scan and EMG's, the scan is booked for Tuesday, less than a week after my appointment!!!! Unbelievable..... I'm really pleased about this and consider myself very fortunate....hopefully I may have some answers soon.

Hope you are all having as good a weekend as possible

Take care


Brilliant! Fingers crossed for some answers for you happy2

Karen x

Thanks Karen!  I do hope so...will post when I get some news x