Well, now it's all happening!

Hello, I haven't been on for a while but wanted to check back in as I have MRI tomorrow, evoked potentials on Thurs and back to neurologist on 25th...been away in denial land (very pleasant) for the last month or so...gulp ... looking at recent posts about strange symptoms..does anyone feel like there's a really annoying bit of fabric tied round their limbs, alternates between a squeeze and tickle...and, I went swimming today, left arm and leg defo not pulling their weight.  Best to all x

All the best with your appts,lets hope he has all the test results back on the 25th so it can be a positive appt with the neuro.

Swimming would not be fair on the general public from my point of view as with a whale in the pool they would have to close entry to everyone else,but I do admire you going.


Hope your MRI went well today.

hey hope your MRI went ok…let us know how you get on with neuro etc…x

Thank you, the MRI wasn't too bad, I didn't like the EPs tho they were bearable. Best to you too x