MRI this afternoon!

Have been in hospital all morning with seizure things but all tests clear bar neuro exam! MRI was already due this afternoon so please pray it brings me answers. x

Fingers, eyes, and everything else that crosses, crossed for you! There - done!

Good luck

Karen x

Good Luck Deb Hope all is soon revealed! Teresa xx

Good luck Deb I hope it all goes well for you…xx Maria

Hope all went well for you and you get the results very soon

Janet x

The waiting game… thank you all for your well-wishes. I had my first leg spasms whilst standing up today, just want some meds to control it now really!


Hi, Just be very careful that you don’t fall over if you’re having leg spasms, I use a stick when outside but indoors I grab hold of whatever is to hand. Hope you get your answers soon.

Janet x