11 ays to go


Thought I would come back again and let you know how everything is going. My partner went for his 2nd MRI on the 25th Jan (he was in the scanner for a hour!!) now we are waiting for his appt with his neuro on the 14th Feb (lovely valentines day out lol :) ) basicly he is having problems with his right hand again,he says it is like he is wearing a sleeve,and that his hand was feeling better but now it is going back to how it was a few weeks ago.....I have suggested just seeing his GP till the neuro date, but he says he does not want to waste his GPs time,but I just wish my partner could see what I see when I look at him,he looks totally mentally and physically exhausted (he hasnt taken my advice about,taking time off from work :( ) he looks so pale too, it breaks my heart when he is having a "bad day" just wish I had a magic wand for everybody..I am having to be the strong one for him and our kids  but deep down im so scared and worried about him, I feel like he is going to do hisself more damage by pushing himself to hard with work life and home life, I am going to speak to his neuro about it, but wether that will do any good I am not to sure...but anything is worth a try.

Im sorry, all I seem to do when I post something is moan,but i feel like i can talk to people on here with out being judged,and people thinking im making a drama, you all in the same postion so i guess the old saying "its good to talk is true :)"

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is doing ok,and staying warm in this horrible cold.

Adelle X