MRI results

Hi all, I have had ongoing problems for years and have had an episode which has meant that I have been off work now for 3 months. My emotional state has been all over the place but has got better in the last 4 weeks. I have gone from anger, manic desperation, to a ‘I am cool with whatever this is’ sort of emotion. But today I speak to the neuro secretary who has booked an appointment for me on the 15th oct to review my MRI and I am suddenly back to wallowing in a dark pit where I see no way out. That’s all I wanted to say!! Anyone else had this experience? Yvette

I have my mri this weekend and was given an appt for December to review results aa standard Ax

Hi Yvette, try not to worry, a good neuro should see you to explain a mri whether it’s clear or not. At least then you know where you stand and then know what you need to do next. My neuro discharged me without seeing me after my mri was clear although he stated the mri showed some reasons for my problems but didn’t explain them, needless to say I have been referred again by my gp to neuro as things are progressing. Needless to say that’s going to take along time. If he had seen me good or bad I think I would at least been able to deal with the ups and downs better, So now you have this appointment whether the mri is clear or not you can be ready with questions that will help you to make sense of all of this. All the best for the appointment let us know how you get on Jo x

Hi Yvette

it’s good news you have an appointment. I think it’s only natural to feel anxious about what is to be discussed. It’s hard having to put your hope and faith in somebody else and trust that they will find out what’s wrong and do the best thing for your health. I’m due to have repeat MRI’s/ LP and EVP after seeing neuro last week and I’m madly checking the post everday for the appointment even though In know it’s too soon for me to hear anything yet.

Not knowing what’s happening is a hard place to be and there will be times you cope well and some you don’t. Be kind to yourself and I hope you have peopel around you to support you.

Good luck -mlet us know how it all goes.



I’m up and down too, and also off work. I got the date of my appointment today to review my MRI results along with a letter telling me that one of my original lesions has got bigger and there is also a new one. I don’t know if this mean I will now be formally diagnosed? He aso said that he wouldn’t try another course of steroids and that I am on too much pain medication. Where does that leave me? Do you feel like you have been left to rot at home in pain with no help and support or is it just me? Good luck with your results on 15th

Ive been so lucky, app. at gp…two days later phone call from hospital for neuro app. three days later Saw neuro, same days mri dept. called for appointment 3 days later. After my neuro app. they booked me straight in for my next app. with him for 7 wks. Ive only been going through this for a couple of months and know how hard it can be not knowing, had appointment yesterday…white spots on brain inconclusive and need a lumbar puncture. Dont get too excited about having any answers, but do try to not let it get you down. Good luck