Hit rock bottom

Hi all

I’ve had a bad day been in tears for most of it … Cut long story short loads of symptoms for at least a year MRI done bout 6 mths ago showing 12 small lesions LP done about May told results in August all clear so neuro talked down the likely hood of ms and sent for a 2nd MRI which I spoke to the neuros sec today to chase results she told me they were back in and she was writing a letter to me from my neuro when I queried I’d never had a letter before and if I would be seeing him she told me he was more than likely discharging me as if he does letter there’s normally no follow up appointment

I just don’t no what I’m supposed to do if this is the case I’ve got a lot worse over the past year I no there is something wrong with me and feel as though no one believes me

Sorry you are feeling so down, if the letter is as you suspect then the only thing you can do is to go back to your GP and ask him where you go from here.

Best wishes Jan x

Hi, I can only echo the words of your other reply…go see GP when you get the neuro`s letter.

Gets me cross when there is obviously something wrong and people get discharged.

T`aint right, just aint right at all!

luv Pollx

Well neuro sec has just called to let me no that neuro basically is leaving me to it as there’s no significant change on my MRI what ever that means but she has told me to keep in touch with her and advised me to go back to gp and see if she can push for more help