11 ays to go


Thought I would come back again and let you know how everything is going. My partner went for his 2nd MRI on the 25th Jan (he was in the scanner for a hour!!) now we are waiting for his appt with his neuro on the 14th Feb (lovely valentines day out lol :) ) basicly he is having problems with his right hand again,he says it is like he is wearing a sleeve,and that his hand was feeling better but now it is going back to how it was a few weeks ago.....I have suggested just seeing his GP till the neuro date, but he says he does not want to waste his GPs time,but I just wish my partner could see what I see when I look at him,he looks totally mentally and physically exhausted (he hasnt taken my advice about,taking time off from work :( ) he looks so pale too, it breaks my heart when he is having a "bad day" just wish I had a magic wand for everybody..I am having to be the strong one for him and our kids  but deep down im so scared and worried about him, I feel like he is going to do hisself more damage by pushing himself to hard with work life and home life, I am going to speak to his neuro about it, but wether that will do any good I am not to sure...but anything is worth a try.

Im sorry, all I seem to do when I post something is moan,but i feel like i can talk to people on here with out being judged,and people thinking im making a drama, you all in the same postion so i guess the old saying "its good to talk is true :)"

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is doing ok,and staying warm in this horrible cold.

Adelle X

My husband would be the same, I suppose all you can do is support him when he is at home, which I am sure you are doing.

It must be so hard for men, especially if they have a family to support financially and all those worries. If it was my husband I would just try and make things as easy as possible for him when he did walk through the door in the evenings and weekends. He maybe still needs his work to stay sane (I know my husband would).

I really feel for you, I must be so hard to sit and watch....I hope you get some answers soon. XX

Hi Adelle

I can kind of see where your hubby is coming from regarding work. In a way it does help, but there is a fine line between going back and overdoing things. I'm not married so I can't help you on that side of things but I do work full time and know that despite it being a struggle (some days more than others) it also provides a bit of distraction and helps me keep things together. I guess also it depends on what kind of work your husband does too. Is there any way he can make a few small adjustments to his job, on a day to day basis I mean?   

Overdoing things & pushing himself won't help him - I agree with Vicky that evenings and weekends he needs to rest as much as possible and take things easy.

Hopefully the 2nd mri will shed a bit of light on things for both of you. In the meantime if things get any worse then maybe he should consider ringing his neuro's secretary - his neuro may be able to prescribe something to help in the interim period.

He may also benefit from looking at some of the leaflets that are available on this website too which can either be downloaded, ordered by post or read online. There are loads to choose from but the one on fatigue might be beneficial to him and others on work related subjects too. The MS Trust has one that he can order called 'Living with Fatigue' that I find really helpful - it has lots of tips.

Good luck & fingers crossed some answers wing their way to you soon

Debbie xx 

Hi Adelle.

It doesn't sound like he's going to listen until his body (or perhaps the neuro) makes him letdown


Still, 10 days now. Hopefully seeing the neuro and getting a formal diagnosis will be the thing to cut through the denial and get him thinking about how to be as healthy as possible. It is a hell of an emotional rollercoaster, being diagnosed, so it isn't going to be much easier for a while, but hang in there - one day, hopefully not too far away, things will be better.


Karen x