Advice on coping

Hi, I’m not coping! Any tips? In January I had an MRI that showed up an inflammation of my brain stem which was causing the eye issues. I am back in for a second MRI in 10 days. This is to look at MS possibilities along with other things.

I’ve been ok but the last three weeks I feel like I’m losing my marbles! I can’t grasp the simplest of tasks, I can’t cope with the noise and mess the kids create, I can’t get my head around simple instructions. This week I have suffered numbness / weakness in my right arm and leg.

But… I can cope with all of this except work. I am so blinking tired! We have a big changeover going on over this month and I am just not coping with the new directions. I want to quit or take a sabbatical. I’m self-employed contracted to one company owned by my brother in law but I think that makes it harder as I will be letting him down. Is there any point in going to the GP?

I feel totally pathetic for wanting to hide away from everything and everyone… It’s not like I know I have MS.

Any words of advice / support / similar stories to help me feel like I’m not alone would be appreciated.

hi amy

there is no reason to not see your GP.

it will be entered on your medical records which your neuro can access.

neuros treat it like a jigsaw puzzle and they need as many pieces as possible to make a diagnosis.

perhaps you would benefit from a few days off.

make sure you are getting enough fluids, it makes a huge difference if you get dehydrated.

have you got anyone who can help with your children?

it’s a big deal going through a possible diagnosis of ms.

look after yourself.

carole x

Dear Amy, does your brother in law know of your symptoms? He might be saddened to know that work is causing you additional stress. He might like to give you adjusted hours, just for a time, so that you can take more rest. I have taken a pillow into work and lay down in the cupboard for fifteen minutes every now and then.

Similarly, I struggle to concentrate and I cannot find words. I am a teacher and this really impacts. Resting is the only way that I can get my speech back on track. I am more irritable and can longer multi-task at all. If there is any noise, especially others talking, I can not concentrate on the task at hand. Rest is the. only way for me…until I can afford to give up work.

Rest well and take care,


Yes, I think so, if only for some professional reassurance that it is no surprise to be struggling a bit at such a difficult time.

For sure, the GP probably won’t be able to fix whatever is the matter medically, let alone solve the practical problems that you are struggling with, and that old, ‘How would you like me to help you?’ question might be hard to answer! Nevertheless, I think that you should report your current symptoms and state of mind and see what he/she can suggest. They can surprise you.

Good luck.