How do you cope until you get a diagnosis?

I don’t know how to feel a couple of weeks ago I went to the eye clinic because I had blurred/colour loss in one eye I left being told I have optic neuritis and I need to be referred to a neurologist and have a mri to look for ms. I have both my appointments this Friday. I’ve had an episode like this before 18 months ago double vision that time. Same situation just about to go to work after maternity leave. I had glandular fever when I was 16 since then I’ve had fatigue, tremors, and pins and needles/ loss of sensation.

I think my way of coping is just accepting it and hope there wrong. But my partner doesn’t even want to talk about what if I do. I have two kids under 2 1/2 and I look after my father in law with Alzheimer’s so I have so much to worry about. Will they say anything when I’ve had my mri or do you walk in and then walk out still not knowing?

Any reply would be appreciated

I never was told anything about my MRI when I was having it, it was October when I saw the neurologist, I didn’t know why I was there and when the letter arrived it was a shock, and started my life of limbo, waiting for the results of the lumber puncture was the worsted, but that was clear thank goodness but I am seeing him again in April next year. Good luck.


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Thanks Kay

im glad your lumbar puncture was clear, and you’ve got follow up with neurologist.

I should just be glad im getting taken seriously and that’s only due to my eye. I guess there’s no knowing what other tests they have to do or how long it will take before diagnosis or answers. It just so worrying having to go to all these appointments arrange childcare and care which means my partner having time off work, money problems… it’s just made my stress levels go up more since going to the eye clinic and this all starting, and I obviously wasn’t coping before hand and the doctor wasn’t helpful at all, I rang to say I wasn’t coping beacause im being tested for ms, he didn’t even say anything about ms just said I shouldnt go on anxiety tablets as they take 6 weeks to kick in, I’ve suffered for 15 years it’s not just going to go away once I’ve had the mri, and it’s gonna take longer than 6 weeks for diagnosis probably. I just have no faith in anybody medical as I feel like I’ve been ignore for so long.

Thanks jess

I know how you feel having to go to many tests. I am ceolaic but it took years to diagnose, I had some unpleasant tests which showed nothing. It was the last time I fell down and that I was so weak I couldn’t get back up if I fell over. I was in hospital for a week and it was my endoscope which went down that I found out I was ceolaic. The consultant that I was under in a different hospital was not pleased and I am still waiting for my results of a pet scan she had arranged, three years ago lol. Kay

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