Having a really hard time coping-need help

Hi everyone,
I’m currently going through the process of being diagnoised with MS. I’ve had clear blood screens, CT scans, etc and now waiting to see my neurologist in one month.
I’ve had alot of troubling symptoms for the past few months that seem to have gotten worse. I have tingling in my forehead and lower legs. I also have noticed I’m having increased difficultly with my balance. I noticed it occasionally before but now it is a daily occurrence. I also have really bad arm pain in my left arm and it feels extremely weak. In 2016 I woke up with a loss of sensation in my leg and was wondering if this could of been the start to my ms. The sensation in leg never went away but does not bother me.
I have got myself worked up in a state and have convinced myself i have PPMS because it has been months and my symptoms are coming on subtly and only getting worse over time. I am only 27 years old and I have 5 kids.
I have been crying non stop, have missed work, and feel like I am losing my mind. I have put myself into such a deep depression worrying about this.
I was put on Celexa and will begun therapy soon. A month feels too long to deal with these symptoms and everyday I get more and more worried.
I dont know how I could deal with a PPMS diagnosis. I feel like i will never be happy again. I had to go a crisis center today because I felt suicidal.

Hi, I’m sorry you are having such a very hard time at such a young age, but please ring your GP if you are having suicidal thoughts as you have to take care of yourself and your 5 beautiful children. Depression is such an awful thing and hopefully mediation will help ease this soon.

I know this is hard but try not to think about the negative aspects of MS. If you do get diagnosed with MS life can still be very good. I’ve had MS since childhood and have had children and a career and loved life. It’s something I’ve had to cope with and so can you. Be strong and be kind to yourself until you get firm results.

I wish I could hug you, but all I can do is send a virtual hug and let you know I am thinking of you with love and hoping you get answers soon. Mx

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Think about your children if nothing else. They need their mum, no matter what kind of issues she’s facing. Sometimes I feel bad that I couldn’t do more with my kids when they were little, but they grew up just thinking that it was normal for Mum to sit in the shade on the sidelines while they played. I never could run and chase them, but I was good for hugs and cuddles.

Focus on treating your depression first. Do you have a reliable partner or close family who could help out? It seems to me that 5 kids, a job, and MS makes a pretty full plate right now. Is it possible to reduce your work hours or quit altogether? Are you teaching your kids to help out around the house? Use whatever shortcuts you can find to make your life easier.

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put it into perspective hunny. what is the worse thing that can happen if you have it? I suffered from about 1998 to 2016 with waiting and waiting for a diagnosis even with a ton of stuff on tests, then to be told in 2016 hey you have progressive MS.

I still have a life, got so much to do i never have time. actually in a way PPMS is quite rare and can be very slow in developing.

I am more worried about your sucidial thoughts and glad you have spoken to someone. can I ask you how old are the children. 5 seems an awful lot of children for a 27 year old, have you got a partner, a family to support you.

Having children can actually trigger some rough stuff in our bodies down to all the change in hormones, and some of this could be down to that. Anxiety too can give you numbness and make you feel rotten and even off balance.

I am thinking between the lines something else may be going on. You are very busy with 5 children and work but seem to be having a lot of time to worry yourself into a state. what i mean is with five children and working where do you find the time. It sounds to me you just plain exhausted and tired out.

Depression is a horrible thing as it can just creep up on you. You need a big hug from someone. I hope you do have family who can support you through this.

a month soon goes by hun. PPMS well you have been stuggling with these symptoms for a very long time, so nothing will change, just you could well be put on a DMD or offered it called Ocrevus.

BUT THATS cart before the horse. I would if you could have some time to yourself maybe get family or friend or partner to have the children for a few days and just go and chill out somewhere. you work so you must have friends.

what a very sad post really. BUT I can honestly say hands on heart i am ok with it all. Yes of course i have problems but i have been dealing with them a long time.

You havent been diagnosed with MS yet, its YOUR assumption, it might be something totally different there are a lot of things out there that mimic MS.

OK. keep talking dry your eyes hun, find something to do which occupies you maybe take the kids to the park or something. but dont just be at home fixating on it ok. xxxxxxxx heres a hug from me, playing at being a teddy bear lol, oh the joys of being 70 and learning how to use an android ha ha. x

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Not to hijack Llamomma’s very important thread, but CrazyChick, I just copied your photo to my Mum and kids. I’ve been talking about you a lot, so now we have a face to put to the name. I love it!

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Oh hope it didnt scare the kids too much ha ha. xxx

NAH WHATS UP DOC lol. easter last year lol. xxx this is why i love the new forum we can share so much more with each other. xxx


Great pic CC.