Well hello again... What's been happening since 2011?

Hi. Been away so long I can’t remember my old username so for myself a new one. Just popping back to say hi. Have optic neuritis which means a new relapse. Scary. Been a while.

So hi again guys. About to look through and see who is still here… If Hazel is sending jokes and the admins are the same.

Happy friday


Hi Gem, welcome back hun.

You will see there`s a lot of changes…to how site works, as well as different names.

Lots of new peeps, many gone too…

I`m still here after 5 years.

Hazel doesnt appear now.

luv Pollyxxx

hiya again gem!

i am still in touch with hazel-i will tell her u were asking after her


Hi - Glad you popped in to see us. Things have changed - and the ‘funnies’ are not encouraged anymore. So quite a few lovely folk have left - which is a crying shame. l do get a regular supply of jokes from WoblyBoy via Hazel/Ellie etc. And l post some back.

We do miss Hazel - and many others.

hi again

i had a 20 min convo with hazel today

hey sj i am rubbish at passing the jokes on but i do read them! i still struggle with absence of tavish

take care all, ellie x

Hi Ellie. Wow long time no speak. Glad to hear some old names like wobbly boy and Tavish.

I’ve gone back to work full time, got divorced and treated appallingly by men since I left. Lol. And now a relapse and ON. The joys.

Glad you are still here xx

hiya again!

you have been busy!

i am so sorry to tell u but tavish died in october and i miss him terribly. hes one of the most honest, open men i have had the pleasure of meeting in my life.

i have had a huge life changing relapse in 2012-now have carers, doubly incontinent, speech difficulties, lost sight in left eye which is permanent and ride sided weakness. so life has changed drastically since we last chatted but my sense of humour is still intact!

also i met a guy just 6 months before the huge attack and nearly 4 years later hes still around-they aint all bad

keep in touch gem x

That’s terrible and wonderful news all in the same paragraph. I did see that the numbers online is much reduced from the good old days…

I am am glad you found someone but sorry to hear about your relapse. Xxx I’ll def stay in touch x