Good afternoon peps & an UPDATE!

I just thought I would check in & see how the new regime is going, I have heard one or two whispers with reference to some rather disturbing issues, lets hope someone sorts them out soon as we MSer's have enough to deal with don't we.

UPDATE for those who know the saga. We settled out of court with the ambulance service, we pushed them up £'s wise, but part of that deal is that we don't give any details....sorry about that. We are glad it's over even though Robert doesn't have his job back, I'm not sure he could cope after all this time & the way he has been treated. Anyway, thank you so much for the support that we were given by so many of you, it really has meant the world to us.

Now I have surfaced again I wonder if I can get into trouble as I hear anything goes on here because the moding is near to nonoexisto! Answers on a postcard.



Just so you know - you were spotted as soon as you posted…but we do our best work without advertising our presence.

Liz [moderator]

Thanks for the update H. I reckon if you're back on here, then your abnormal normality is on the mend........................Good!


There are ways of getting things done on here,and something which needs thorough investigation is the [filtered word] [ [edited by admin]  filtered word] function. There must be little games WE can play. Praps some filter coffee for the winner, or a filter set for a 200 tdi.


Wb  x


ps   You'd better knock the snow off your sun dial if you've got a meeting aboot time

The terms of use of the site are really clear on content considered obsene so the word filter is a great tool to cut down on the workload of our volunteer moderators.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it we’d be happy to consider them.

Greg [admin]

Hiya Hazel, howz u? Thanks for the update. Long time no speak. would be nice to have a catch up soon. pm your landline number xx

So good to hear from you Hazel. You have been missed - and mentioned in dispatches. l hope now that you can at least put some of your troubles behind you.  Best wishes to your OH and l hope the outcome has given him some satisfaction.


Good to see its sort of settled at last.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

The mods are still doing a brilliant job and anything defintely doesn’t go.

Greg [admin]

Answer on a post card

“Sh! t stirrer” springs to mind…

Why do it Hazel?


Hi Liz

Your reply on this thread got date stamped with 23 August 2011! As a result the whole thread dropped to the bottom of the list.

Let's get together today to work out what's up with your time settings.

Greg [admin] 

That’s a great tool to dump posts to the bottom of the compost heap


       l once referred to some nasty bit88ing that was going on - it was filtered out and replaced with female dogging.

Which was much worse - made many of us laugh.

How are your female dogs - by the way. You had taken on a lovely border collie.

lts good to hear from you again.


Hi Hazel, how lovely to see you are back with us!!! And I`m glad the case with Robert`s employers is finally over for you. What a journey you`ve been on, eh?

Yes, there have been a lot changes and members here. We have lost quite a few of the `old guys`.

But we also have new friends and things have settled down.

Speaking for meself, my dx is still up in the air. i`ve had 5 changes of dx...........all between PPMS and HSP.

It`s a chuffin` nightmare. But never fret, I`m still here and kicking!

luv Pollx

H, love your Avatar thingy. Any chance of  finding one with a bloke falling off a buggy.Actually being knocked off on purpose would be more appropriate.


Wb   x

Hello sweetheart , how are you doing, do you still have your own place?



I’m sure that could be done, can I take a photo of you being pushed off, then we can ‘cartoon it’.



It’s good to see you Poll, as always. You keep kicking girl. This thing has decided I cannot move down a line! H xxxx

Yes we did, he was a really sweet border collie boy, but one of our girls just did not click with him at all, so we had to find a new home for him…he is a happy boy now.



I’m glad to hear your on the ball Liz, I was not meaning to knock you, it was more a case of ‘if the cap fits wear it’.

I was also commenting on things I have been told, lets face it my introduction to the new forum was hardly nice & far from easy was it!

Anyway keep plugging away & you are appreciated as you were before.