Weird symptoms

Hi everybody and thank you for the time and effort you spend in answering our anxious questions.
First of all I need to say that I have never been hypocondriac and never really worried about health in general as I have always been healthy.
It all started in august when I had a few nightsweats and a couple of days when I was fatigued.
I didnt give it much thought and I felt good within a few days so I forgot about it.
Later on this year though, around the end of october all hell broke loose:
I had even more profuse nightsweats, extreme fatigue in my legs (or weakness) , bloodshot eyes and intense photophobia, dizziness, some lymphnodes were raised and painful, a sort of lump in the throat and a clicking noise when I dry swallow, fasciculations epecially in my legs but also in my arms and torso, I also started having hypnic spasm recently.
I know that some of these sx might be caused by anxiety, since after my first week into this I started thinking of any possible disease that causes this.
So I went to several specialists to try understand the cause of it all.
So far I have perfect blood exams, no hiv or any other std, also lymphoma or any other cancer has been ruled out by a Ct scan, I had 2 neurologists visit me and said that I am fine but still one of them said it will ask for a Mri with contrast just to rule out Ms, but he said its more to reassure me rather than real medical concern.

Could this really be Ms? If not, what else could bring so many sx all at once? I gotta say I feel much better these days, and most sx are gone, still, id like to know whats going on.

Thank you :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, its difficult to rule out MS and it can only be done over time. I was interested in your post mainly because I too have had profuse night sweats accompanying my other symptoms (weakness, fatigue, spasms, dizziness, eye troubles, etc.). I have yet to be diagnosed with anything myself, so I suppose I am of very little help, and you are more likely to hear “it could be MS, but it could be something else too”, unfortunately that is correct and of very little comfort I know. Keep yourself informed as you seemed to be doing already and keep pushing if you think something isn’t quite normal, then you’re probably right. Good luck!

Sounds like classic Hyperthyroidism. I’m no doctor but look at Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) - NHS


Yes the symptoms cross over alright, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 15 years ago, under control since then. It was obviously the first thing the GP investigated but all seems fine on that side.