Anyone experience anything like this?

I should probably state that I have not yet been diagnosed. Had a normal MRI two months ago.

But for the past six months in addition to the tingling and numbness (mainly concentrated on my left side), and the vision change in my left eye that first started about year ago, I have been having phases of dizziness, light-headedness, weakness (my legs shake when I stand up), muscle spasms and cramps, difficulty walking, pallor (people comment on how pale and sick I look) and overwhelming fatigue. Generally I feel myself getting a bit tired and then it worsens over a period of a few days.

Today I went out to the city, but after an hour I couldn’t take it anymore and had to come back home. I felt so utterly pathetic. I have been lying in bed for hours resting.

The doctors I’ve seen are pretty flippant and say it’s probably just fibromyalgia which I know I do have. But these episodes and the new symptoms I’ve had in the past year make me very sceptical and I seem to be getting worse. I keep opening my MRI scan pictures and trying to look for anything that maybe they might have missed, which of course is completely futile and I just end up welling up from frustration.

I was wondering does anyone experience anything like this?

Can anyone just tell me I’m not a crazy hypochondriac suspecting it might be MS, because after being mocked by my GP and dismissed by so many doctors I just don’t know anymore.

Hello I am sorry you were mocked by your gp. You aren’t a hypochondriac. However your symptoms may be down to fibro. I think you need to document your symptoms and then go bk to gp in a few months. If you have ms it will show eventually.

Hi Morrigan you are not crazy or a hypochondriac there are many causes for neurological symptoms other than MS there are so many conditions that mimic each other. It is a frustrating and often very upsetting journey to find out what is wrong often made harder by uncaring dismissive professionals. As I have been told by some very wise people on here you know your body better than anyone else and you know when things are not right. It can take a huge amount of strength physically, mentally and emotionally to get across your problems.

In my experience once you show you are upset at all at an appointment then you may as well start talking jibberish as the doctors seem to stop listening immediately and put everything done to anxiety or stress.

It is not unusal for people on here to have been through the same experience as you and it refexs badly on the so called caring profession and I can tell you I have met some real bad ones (i wanted to use a different word here but have to think of the moderators ) in my time.

Keep strong and keep plugging away Sue

Thanks for the replies.

I know on paper it could just be fibro, that’s why all the doc have dismissed me so far which I can understand to a certain extent. But they don’t understand that I’ve been dealing with fibro since I was a kid and I’ve gotten pretty used to the way it tends to effect me. I really feel like something different is going on with me for the past year with all these new symptoms and the episodes which devastate me but no one will believe me not even my family.

I feel so worn out and like giving up on life, I’m absolutely miserable.