Weird symptoms - any advice appreciated =)

Hi everyone! Firstly, if you’re reading this, thank you so much! I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 15/16 and am now nearly 30. I have recently been told that I do not have scoliosis as per an MRI I had on my back last February and would have had no idea about this if I hadn’t requested a confirmation letter from my G.P for work purposes. Over the years, I have had to go to A & E numerous times due to extreme pain in the middle (mid thoracic) of my back, for which I have been given gas and air, diazepam and morphine, and then sent home. I have also had milder oak in the same area many times, radiating in to my right shoulder and around my ribs/under my bra line, which feels like really sore/stiff/bruised muscles and makes it painful when breathing, and has also caused issues sleeping. I had an MRI of my brain approx 1.5 yrs ago due to being diagnosed with cluster headaches and this came back normal. I am now experiencing new symptoms; shaking when I wake for approx 20 mins all over; pins and needles/tingling in my hands and feet; electric shock sensations in my face, arms and legs; extreme fatigue; easily becoming very hot from the slightest exercise/temp change which causes embarrassing sweating; blurred vision in my right eye; right shoulder joint and blade pain with clicking, crunching and grinding; pain in my right hip; pain in my left wrist. I’m just really concerned and wondered if anyone who has been diagnosed with MS can relate? Or if you believe it’s not MS, just to help put my mind at rest. I have an appt with a G.P tomorrow, so am going to be giving him a list of my symptoms and see what he says as well. Many thanks for you help and advice in advance and thank you for taking the time to help. X

I haven’t experienced the extreme back pain just gets sore at the end of a long day. I have had the numbness tingling etc but my main problems have been balance and loss of strength in my leg and exhaustion . I won’t bore you with my list but that combined with 2 separate MRI’s in the last 6 months (lesions brain and c-spine) and the reflex tests hyper-reflex on my weakened side. I have been diagnosed with MS and will start DMD’s within the next couple of weeks. My advice would be make a full list of problems (as I can get forgetful) and take someone with you. My GP was amazing and got the ball rolling straight away she also didn’t suggested MS just said let’s sort you out.

try not to over think as it may not be MS could be something else so don’t tell yourself it is. Just take each day and appointment as it comes and always make lists (helps me massively) it’s never nice being in limbo but don’t let it consume you. Thinking of you sending hugs xx

A really common theme on hear is people thinking they have ms. I have also had a friend who has had months of believing her symptoms are ms, from listening to her, I could relate to her symptoms, and wouldn’t have been surprised if it had turned out to be, but it’s not.

What Im saying is it’s really not possible to second guess the experts. It’s hard waiting to find out what is causing horrible symptoms. It’s also really understandable that trying to dignose oneself (sounds a bit pompous but couldn’t think of a better way to put it), happens all the time, but I have concluded that it’s not possible.

having said that, this is a great fourum to share your fears, you currently have some horrible scary symptoms and no dought a long journey to discover the cause and find solutions to improve symptoms. There are also amazing people one hear who can give you advice on ways to deal with symptoms & q’s to ask to get answers.

what I thought when I read your post was in your place I would be pushing for two things, 1. Dignoses tests to try and get an answer as to cause, and 2. more importantly, treatment for the issues you are having.

Life is for living, not waiting around. Good luck, really hope the cause is found swiftly and that you get respite from your horrible symptoms.



Sarah has pretty much said all that needs saying. Just see your GP, don’t suggest that you think it might be MS (doctors hate people self-diagnosing), but ask whether the GP thinks it could be neurological and whether a referral to a neurologist might be possible. Sue

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Hi all, thank you for your advice/comments. I don’t know what is going on and am just exploring the possibilities at the mo, based on my presenting symptoms. It could very likely be something like fibromyalgia, but the reason I am asking here is because I just wondered if anyone could relate to my symptoms. I am just in a lot of pain and am very worried about it all. When I went to my GP he said MS is unlikely due to normal MRI of brain and told me to wait and see if things settle down. I know he’s only doing his job and following procedures, but I am now 15 yrs down the line and have no idea why I am in so much pain and with new symptoms I’m just scared. I went to see a GP this morn, who is not my GP, but my practice receptionist booked me in with them (I didn’t ask for the appt with him, just wanted to see someone about it all) and I was in there for 4 mins. After a brief history he basically said he couldn’t help me as he’s not my GP. He didn’t even look at me. I was crying and said I just want someone to help and he said he can’t as he doesn’t know my history and asked me to consider the position he’s in. Like I said, I’m just looking for any advice that can help or bring me peace of mind as really upset about it all. I have an appt with MSK tomorrow morn, so will see what happens. Many thanks x