Very confused but maybe MS?

Hi everyone, So I’ll give you a brief overview… I had a few months of symptoms last year. Severe eye pain, blurriness, photosensitivity, vertigo, migraine, clumsiness (walking into door frames and corners so generally misjudging distances), pins and needles, heavy limbs, tiredness etc. Then I had a break from most of those symptoms with on/off fatigue and alcohol intolerance until earlier this year where I have had all of the above with the addition of throbbing around my spine, vit d deficiency, sensitivity to hot showers, burning arm muscles, cramps, muscle spasms, balance problems (couldn’t touch my nose with my eyes closed) abnormal reflexes and altered sensation during neurological exam. So… I had a c-spine MRI and just got the results. They’ve ordered an MRI with contrast because the first one indicated a widening in the spinal canal in the middle of the spinal cord. I’m hoping to ring them tomorrow to shed some more light but can anyone possibly explain this to me in the meantime?!