Weird shock feeling in mri

I just had my mri last night & had a rather odd sensation. At one point, every time the machine made a noise, it felt like I was getting an electric shock at the base of my left thumb & in the finger tips of my last 3 fingers on the same hand. It was only during that 5 minute period & just those areas

I have had several MRIs (2nd on brain though) & never felt anything like this. Just wondering if anyone else has?

I had similar feelings in my hands and thought it was because I had left my rings on.

Marjie x

I did some googling, apparently it can happen when you have body parts crossed over. My left hand was on top of my right on my stomach

I’m surprised the tech didn’t notice your rings!

OK. Yes so am I, but I was so nervous, that is why I forgot to take them off.