Weird sensations after optic neuritis

Hi all.

I had a first episode of optic neuritis in my right eye in December 15. Thankfully my sight has almost returned to normal, but I’ve been left with some weird ongoing issues., I find my eyes tire quite easily, and I get sensations which I can only describe as ‘fizzing’ and ‘popping’ behind both eyes. I also get a pressing/ squeezing sensation in my left temple. The neurologist couldn’t give me any answers, and suggested that this might settle down with time.

I’ve not had an MS diagnosis as this was a first episode of neuritis. There’s nothing on scans/ eye tests which explains these weird sensations. Most of the time I can live with them, but sometimes I just want them to go away!!!

Anyone has anything similar post optic neuritis?

This happens a lot with optic neuritis. It will settle down my sight took around a year to go back to normal. You have to think the whole time that nerve is trying to repair itself so it’s naturally going to get tired and have funny affects. Don’t worry rest and it will be fine