Optic neuritis sparkles

Hi I had my first bout of optic neuritis a few weeks ago and now I have lots of sparkles in that eye and things that keep catching my eye flying past that are not there.

does anyone know if the sparkles go away or are they a lasting thing, they are very pretty but really distracting sometimes lol xxx

Hi Louise

I had this a lot with my ON, probably most during weeks 3-10 or so. They’ve almost completely stopped now, I’ve had it for about five and a half months now.


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Hi Thankyou for your reply, I’m sort of glad im not the only one with their own personal disco going on xxx

It can be a bit like that can’t it? Trying to explain it to someone who’s never had it is quite difficult I find! I’ve had fireworks, almost like a mountain range when I close my eyes and weird patterns on my phone screen for a split second when I first look at it.

All of these things have stopped now, I’m just left with a bit of weird vision.

sometimes is quite entertaining and sometime just damn right irritating!! It amazes me what our bodies do.

Think I will sort of miss it if it stops but I’m so glad you replied it’s reassured me that it’s part of ON and to just wait for it to go away on its own.

seems that some days are better than others I’m about three months into it now xxx

On two evenings I had this thing like someone was pressing a lit torch on my closed eyelid … it was so strange, being in darkness with my eyes closed but being able to see bright light! It only lasted a few moments each time thankfully because that was annoying

How strange Louise, I had ‘that’ exactly as you described it today. I walked down to the beach and was looking ou to sea and the skyand horizon ,as you described, was all sparkly. I then started seeing seagulls sweeping in from the corner of my eye and flying across my field of vision…took me a few times of seeing the exact same thing before realising it wasn’t a seagull!

I have been having problems with blurry eyes and double vision and went to the opticians on Thursday. I had hadto wait a while to get an appointment at the opticians and when I went things had improved significantly.The optician did all the usual checks,said my prescription remained the same and said that my eyes had probably been tired and there was nothing to worry about .

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Hi! Had my optic neuritis diagnosed a month or so ago after blurry vision and sudden pain, i had already been to the emergency optician people who dismissed it and couldn’t see anything wrong. It was the neurologist dragging me to the eye department in the hospital and demanding I be seen that day that got my diagnosis.

the pain has pretty much cleared up and I’m left with a blurry eye and now these sparkles.

if you are under a neurologist I would contact them and let them know you are having eye problems.

i know what you mean I keep thinking I’m being bothered by a fly but it’s not there lol xxx

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I had something very similar with my optic neuritis a couple of years ago, only lasted maybe 5 weeks or so, very strange, I still get them occasionally when I’m about to go to bed, lots of moving dots in the dark if I’m really tired.