northern lights

hi all,ive been having problems with my right eye for a few month now and i am going for evoked potential tests next week,

now i have just started getting lights flashing out the corners of both eyes,the only way i can describe it is like the northern lights,some lovely flashing mostly happens in a darkened room when the tv is on or i am on the laptop.

Does anyone else have similar problems or is it just me and my weird body

I have black and white dots floaters as some say had it for a year under a Ophthalmologist sine September he said iritis or uveitis don’t think he was sure he did say auto immune condition was causing it I see him on Monday. Hope this helps.

I had optic neuritis and had similar flashing lights in a darkened room. Evoked potential tests are used for tests for optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve). Mention the flashing lights when you go for the tests.

Best wishes.

Hello Anonymous

You describe exactly what I have! I had Optic Neuritis in March 13 then these symptoms of the flashing and colorful lights from November 13. I still have them now. I’ve been for visual evoked potentials which was a good fun test and had partial results in the post but seeing my consultant next month. The ON only affected my right eye, left one is fine but right eye has never been as good as it was before. Do message me if you want to know anything more. I hope all goes well for you.

Best wishes


thankyou all for your replies and you samgees,i have got a hospital appointment next week for visual evoked potentials but i think ive aleady mentioned that lol,polarbear i did go to a opthamologist because i lost my vision a few month ago when my eye problem started,they said it could be migraine,ended up coming home with a pair of glasses,even though i dont need them as ive got excellent vision,except with this eye problem recently