weird brain freeze symptoms.

does anyone else get weird symptoms, like your brain freezes.i get them,and when it happens i cant function for a few minutes,and then when they pass off my brain wont work like it should for a few hours,sometimes for a day or so, i find them hard to describe,and at times they feel like a type of seizure,i used to get them not as often,but now they happen quite a lot,i also look really ill and pale when it happens too,what makes me think of them being like a seizure is,that when it happens i feel like i am dying and get really upset,i am going to tell my neuro when i see him in a few weeks,but i think i will just get that look,that makes me feel silly for saying anything.

jaki xx

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hi jaki

you shouldnt have to worry about how your neuro reacts.

i do know that feeling like i’m going to die though.

i’ve been lucky because i was referred to the neuro for my local area and although he isnt an ms specialist i still see him once a year. i’ve never felt silly telling him anything and bless him, he always tries to find answers and solutions.

i see my ms specialist consultant once a year as well.

could you talk to your ms nurse about it?

carole x