Brain freeze !!

Does anyone get symptoms where there brain sort of freezes i am not well at all at the moment, and i try to do things like going on the computor and general potttering about the house, but i get a feeling where i cant function much at all,some days i cant even do the very basic things and i get so confused, and upset tooi just want it all to go away and i am just hoping it will,i feel so upset too and cant stop crying at times. i am so scared that i am going to end up in a really bad way with this happening,i have always been thankful for at least being able to function a bit,i feel like i will soon be not be able to do ANYTHING at all.

Hello its me again!!!

You are not well so now is not a good time to assess what the future will bring.

When your body tells you…computer says no…it means no. Its wasted energy worrying about,just accept its a duvet day and dont push yourself.

If there are things that have to be done focus on the best time to do them, and prioritse if its a need to be done or a want to do thing.

Communicating with those around you,when you can will probably show you that your expectations are probably far higher than theirs and they really dont mind what you do/dont do they just want you to be aswell as you can be.

Take care


I do get this problem so I do understand :frowning: It is not nice at all, The best thing to do is relax and chill as stress and worry only make these syptoms worse :frowning: Maybe get a good friend to support you as this is what I tend to do in these times of need.

Take care x