odd symptoms

Hi, does anyone else have horrible feeling like cold water dripping off skin or like legs and feet are sitting in freezing water? Also pain in left leg which sometimes let’s me down unexpectedly? I’m really struggling on stairs. I’ve had same symptoms since May, can i still go into remission? I’m 59 years old and am wondering if this may be ppms with no remission. I’ve not had diagnosis yet, waiting test results rule out NMO before they are just left with MS, u but I’m not sure these symptoms fit with NMO. Limbo is v hard, i feel v low and emotional. Still trying get back to work. Hope to hear something in next 6 weeks. It’s all doing my head in.

My neurologist has been back and forth with MS diagnosis. I just got a scan result back showing several abnormalities in my t2 scan in my right frontal cortex. Any idea what this might mean?

Yep, freezing, cold water running down back leg, wet patches not there, spiders over face you name it lol. 10 years it took me to get diagnosed 2016. PPMS.