MS Symptoms???

Hey everyone,

This might be a bit of a rambling message but I am just looking for some advice from people who have been through this. I currently don’t have a diagnosis of anything. Im 25 and in the last 5 years I have had symptoms ranging from awful back pain, to numbness and tingling, loss of ability to grip and what I can only describe as a clumsy brain (and many other things that seem to come and go).

Around two months ago I had a sudden bursting feeling in my head while walking down the stairs, and what felt like water running down the inside of my face (weird I know) which was followed by intense stabbing in the left side of my head and facial drooping (just the mouth) on the left and pressure in the head. I was given antivirals and steroids the next day for possible bells palsy and shingles. Three days later I got the same watery feeling and in the few hours following couldn’t walk properly - felt like my feet wernt being placed right and a weird giving way feeling in the left leg. In the past 8 weeks I have had 5 facial droops, and my legs are still weird (have points where they look like there is a tremor - but this weakness is only when walking or standing).

I have seen a neurologist who first suggested lyme disease, but I could not remember if I had a tick bite 5 years ago (who would?!), then procceeded to tell me it might be Functional Neurological Disorder.

I have had an MRI and was called this week to have a second shorter MRI with contrast. Its driving me crazy whether that means that they have seen something? or is this normal? I have pictures of my scan but Im not a neurologist so have no idea what I am looking at. I have had to stop work and Uni at the moment as I can barely walk for 10minutes (with a stick) without being exhausted. I just feel like im not being heard by any doctors as the head pressure and pains happen multiple times a day, I still have a facial droop and my legs are exhausting!!

has anyone had a similar experience?

(sorry in advance for the rambling)