Wedding Finalists!

Hi Everyone,

Stephanie and I have been chosen to be finalists to win a half-price wedding, which has come down to whoever’s picture receives the most likes over this weekend (3rd & 4th) wins.

My partner, Stephanie, has had MS for over 3 years - Having had many ups and downs we would love to be able to utilise the saved money to afford a honeymoon.

Apologies for this shameless plug, but I would love to be able to take Stephanie somewhere wonderful for our honeymoon :slight_smile:

If you could you please Like and Share our picture, it would mean the world to us :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend.


Thanks everyone for Liking and Sharing! Just 10 hours to go until this competition closes, and we really appreciate everyone’s efforts :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Alex & Steph.

The competition is all over - Thanks guys for all your help with Likes and Shares :slight_smile: We came a close 2nd, but got a very nice 10% off our full wedding price - So all our efforts have not been in vain :slight_smile:

Thanks again all!

I’m always a little suspicious of these competitions, great if you win of course but my question would be 10% off what? and will you pay 20% more than you could get elsewhere? My sons friend won a wedding this way, great for them but the guests had to fork out more for Stag parties, accommodation at hotel etc. Anyway ignore me I’m just as miserable old so and so sometimes

Have a fab wedding and best wishes for the future

Jan x