I have secondry MS and I am organising a wedding on my own… It is stressful because people make it like that, mostly relatives. You would think as they know me and know how I suffer from MS that they would give me a break… anyway I am almost done with it all, its taken me since 2010 but almost there!

For favours I gave £60 to the MS society for badge’s which made me feel good, I like helping when I can.

I hope you are all coping ok with this nightmare of am illness, I know how horrible it can be :frowning: x

Morning hun. Whos wedding is it? Yours or a family menbers?

When I organised daughter number 1`s wedding, I was excited, happy and full of gusto for it…did she appreciate all my hard work? Nah, not a bit of it…she was selfish, moody and thought we had an endless bank account. This was when I was well.

When daughter no 2 got married, I was hobbling about and feeling very fatigued.did she appreciate all my efforts?..yes she did! What a difference! Even tho` I wasnt 100% well, she knew how much wedding no 1 had upset me.

So I really do hope your efforts are appreciated…dont forget to enjoy the big day, eh?

luv Pollx

aww poor you but glad no 2 appreciated it :slight_smile:

It is my own wedding, I will have to go down the aisle in a wheelchair, but the way I see it I am not dead yet!

I have never been well all my life so I never would of had the chance to do it any other way anyway, I am glad to have found someone that is okay with all this and loves me anyway :slight_smile:

The people who have coursed problems is my antie she wont come because I can’t afford to invite my cousans childrens children to the main part of the wedding because of money issues so I am having a very small wedding because of people like that!

not an uncommon situation where someone tries to manipulate the guest list. ‘If you invite ‘x’ then I’m not coming’ etc.

The only thing to do is invite who you want, and if they choose not to come then that’s their problem not yours.

Hi again.

Yes, you go down the aisle in your wheelie…as you say, you`re not dead yet.

One of my favourite sayings is;

I may be broken, but i`m, still here!

And arguments about seat plans will always cause problems.

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I’m organising my wedding too - I’m possible MS , but thought I’d reply as I know all too well the stress and pressure of organising a wedding and dealing with health issues (though yours are far worse than mine). I’m hindu and my partners Jewish so have had all the cultural issues to deal with as well as getting my family to accept him as well as coming to a Jewish/ Indian wedding. Then my aunts and uncles are like the family from hell!

Ultimately do what makes you and your partner happy, it’s your day after all - otherwise you will get bogged down with all the politics. I’ve decided I’m not inviting any aunts and uncles and just a couple of cousins that I know will support me and be happy. If anyone wants to say anything its in one ear and out of the other - like you I’m having a small wedding with a limited budget and I certainly don’t want to pay for someone to come if they just moan.

Good luck. Sounds like you have an amazing and understanding partner and that by far is the most important thing.