Wedding dress for a wheelchair user... Any ideas?

My partner and I have decided to ‘elope’ and are planning a secret wedding in March 2015.

I was adamant I was not going to wear a dress however I’m kinda changing my mind! I’m a permanent wheelchair user.

Anyone got any ideas?


What is your usual taste in dress and what colour were you thinking of. I personally go for a classical, unfussy look

Fabric will need to have stretch won’t it for comfort and movement, with the wheelchair. Also budget comes into the choice too. How much do you want to spend?

never mind the dress, think of the skyscraper heels you can wear if you don’t need to walk in them!!!


sounds so exciting. have fun

carole x

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I’m with Carole on the heels the higher the better. Are you wanting traditional? The only thing I can think of it no underskirts you don’t want bulk or scratchy fabric.

Congratulations on the wedding and being brave enough to elope

Jan x

Do you know of a dressmaker who would work with you on designing/making a bespoke dress for you?

It is your big day and why should you settle for something un-special?

Good luck and lots of love pollxx

Other than avoiding a great big merangue - which thankfully is too too, 1980’s / My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding Daaahling - the World is your lobster.

If it was me, I would be thinking of a very plain but VERY elegant shift dress or a 50’s style tea dress - 3/4 length with a bit of a flare but not too “puffy-out” when you are sitting down. (You don’t want anything too big getting caught in your wheels after all!)

LURVE the idea of the killer heels - I have never been able to walk in high heels (even in the years BMS (“before MS”) so a fantastic pair of Jimmy Choos or Malanos would be HEAVEN

You go Girl. You will look stunning.

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