Another dilemma

I know this isn’t strictly ms related but it is as well I’m separated and have just got my invite through for my best friends wedding. It had to land on my sons birthday it’s just an evening thing so it’s not so bad. I now have the joy of finding a plus one. I have a friend from Uni he lives down South and is very attractive. He lives down South but I was chatting and he has offered to come to the wedding. I keep telling him I’m quite bad but he isn’t bothered. The thing is the wedding is all ‘mutual’ friends of me and ex though he’s not invited. Part of me thinks taking him will put a cat among the pigeons as he is hot lol other part thinks let sleeping dogs lie and not stir things up. He also had to come a long way and will need to crash at mine. Also the dreaded clothes dilema what to wear on my feet and look like I’m dressed up. (Some of you might have clicked who I am with that post) the anon is more for Incase people I know are looking as I’ve mentioned how much of a help this websites been. X

Missed opportunities of a ‘happy time’ - are just that - MISSED!!

So, take the advice of a ‘senior’ person - and go for it.

Get doled up - Can you wear nice trousers or a long skirt to disguise your feet.

The time to be happy is now.

Hello anon…its not clicked with me lol

I say GO and enjoy yourself. A chance of a night out, with a good looking man and your thinking about it. Are you mad girl!!

I know what you mean about shoes. Its taken me six pairs of ordering black shoes, to finally find the right pair. I’ve bought them on-line from clarks. 2" square shaped sort of heel that is comfortable to walk in and cushioned insoles. Also a plaited strap across which makes them feel more secure…otherwise I can’t keep shoes on my feet. There also wide fit…I used to have delicate feet, now they are like plates of meat stuck at the ends of my legs

Have a good night x

I know I’m just not sure if my parents will approve lol. It is very appealing am I brave enough to do it. X

I’m also in the go-for-it camp. This is YOUR friend offerign to accompany you and YOUR invitation. The only people who are going to stir things are the mutual ‘friends’ and if they are truly your friends then they would be happy if you are happy. And if they scold you then tell them to sod-off.

We only come this way once (unless you believe in re-incarnation) and you are not hurting anyone else so you have a good time.

And have fun shopping for shoes and an outfit. You should go for that reason alone

JBK xx

Your separated em, you have a right to move on with your life.

Of course your brave enough…go bare foot if you have to

Go for it and have a fabulous time. You can order loads of shoes online (just make sure to order from companies with a free returns service), try them on at home and only keep what you are happy with. That way you don’t have to trek round the shops wearing yourself out.

I’m sure the only problem your friends will have is the green eyed monster when they see your plus one. Have fun!

Tracey x

Lol yeah I’m pretty quiet and self conscious, A long dress with hidden footwear. Heels can always be worn for decorative purposes

Clarks online - they do a free postage and returns. So you can order several pairs - in different sizes and widths - and half sizes. Try them on at home at your leisure. And return them free. l find the wedge type soles easier to walk on. Flat shoes just tip me backwards. And l like the strap across - Mary Jane style.