Weak legs

My legs are failing me especially when walking round Tesco, and then loading the car, I find it increasely difficult to carry on I know I should take it easy but sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Does anyone else suffer with their thighs and what do you take to help them I don’t get much support from my ms nurses all they say is it may be a water infection.?

My legs are the biggest problem.

I’ve tried all sorts of meds, nothing helped.

I’ve been told by MS physio that my MS seems to be affecting the Hip Flexors (main muscles that give you leg lift), more than anything else, so I’m now just about to start hydrotherapy, I do 20 mins every night on an exercise bike, and I’ve just purchased a mini stepper with handles to hold onto for balance.

The exercise bike tends to work more on the thigh a calf muscles more than Hip Flexors, hence buying the mini stepper, which mimics walking up steps, which in turn uses the Hip Flexor muscles for leg lift.

It’s really odd to be honest, because I can do 20 mins on the exercise bike with any real issues, yet I could never walk for 20 mins without either stopping very frequently or falling over, this was confusing me until it was explained that the exercise bike was mostly working the thigh and calf muscles, rather than the Hip Flexor muscle group, which are mainly used to give leg lift when walking.

So now I’ll still be using the exercise bike, but only every other day, and in between I’ll start using the mini stepper to build up strength in the Hip Flexors.

That’s my plan anyway, whether it works is another matter

Recognise your limitations. Go for online grocery shopping, they deliver to the door and will even bring it in. Tesco do it, also Asda, Ocado, Morrisons, Iceland, sainsburys. I had to recognise that a trip to Tesco wiped me out and that it was a better use of time and money to do it this way.


The main part of my problem is ‘weak legs’ as reddivine says recognise your limitation it’s an absolute pain. I’m being polite ****ing awful is what I’d like to say! Hope you can understand the expletives.

Take care be safe and be kind to yourself. M

Yes, I’ve got weak legs.

I used to borrow the electric shopping trolleys at supermarkets.

Mind being on my own Tesco and ASDA won’t let you take them to the car so useless really,

Sainsbury’s do - so either shop in Sainsbury or online at Tesco or click and collect.

SYS Save Your Steps - I think of every day I have a limited number of steps so use them wisely.

Stay well.


Hi DJ67,

I struggle with my legs too (& my hips and knees but not my thighs) I have pain, discomfort and pins & needles and my balance isn’t the best either. I use a walking stick to help me inside and outside of my home (tbh I’d be lost without it) but I rely on my scooter for outside to go a little further afield.

However, like reddivine said you need to recognise your limitations which is what I have done and have joined the online shopping - what a savior this has been. I do still sometimes go into the stores just to get me out.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not getting much support from your MS Nurse but maybe you could find out about things like walking sticks, crutches, wheelchairs or even a scooter for yourself which could help you. Also, maybe you could look into the online shopping as I’m sure that would help you too.

Take care

Twinkle Toes x

Hips, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes … etc.

All of them are crap.

Exercise if you can, but balance (hah) the exercise with fatigue.

And ultimately, use walking aids while you can. Electric scooters round shops. Shopmobility in town centres.

Then if it comes to it, wheelchairs are actually often the most freeing of devices. They allow you to do things that without a ‘chair you couldn’t do. So long as it’s your choice, and not one foisted on you, it can be a positive change.


I have right foot drop and use a FES and walking stick but I have had some falls recently, even with the FES, as my foot was scuffing the floor. My physiotherapist has explained that my right hip flexors are not lifting my leg so I now have a double FES to stimulate my hip flexors. It takes forever to dress as I now have to position four electrodes and there are wires galore but it does help! I have also been given some simple exercises to try and help strengthen my muscles although my physiotherapist offers no guarantees but worth a try! Sue x