Stepper Machine

After reading various sites and speaking to MS physio’s it seems as though one of the biggest problems with leg lift is the hip flexor muscles either going weak through lack of exercise or getting wrong signals from brain to work correctly.

So basically the suggestions seem to be more exercise on these particular muscles, easier said than done I agree.

I’ve looked at some exercise videos on the net which seem ok, but I’m more inclined to think a stepper exerciser might be better.

So does anyone use one, if so does it have handles to with balance/support ?

Any advice appreciated.

Come on peeps,

Someone must be using a stepper or at least exercising their hip flexors in some other way.

Hi There

I used to use a cross trainer which had the arm support and it was great. I just gradually/slowly increased how much i was doing. I really noticed a huge difference, just don’t over do it but you will know yourself how much your able to do (but then if your anything like me, you just keep pushing that little bit more)

I had a bad relapse a few years ago and lost a lot of strength/power in my left leg, i was given some really good exercises from physio which helped and I tied that in with the cross trainer and walking, again just gradually increasing the distance. I have also just started water aerobics and that is really helping too.

Good luck with the stepper, it really helped me but just don’t push yourself.


I have a cross trainer with a seat attachment so that it doubles as an exercise bike, which I do use.

However, my MS physio and research that I’ve done on the net suggest that although using an exercise bike is good for the leg muscles it has little effect on the hip flexors muscles, which do most of the leg lifting when walking, especially up stairs for instance.

The same principle would apply to a cross trainer, as you not actually pulling up or lowering your legs on a cross trainer, its more of a skiing movement, ie, thigh, calf muscles mainly being used on the legs, which is great for tone and keeping them moving, but I dont think will give those hip flexors muscles any beneficial exercise.

I know there are hip flexor exercises that can be done whilst laying down or sitting on a chair, but I was thinking that an actual stepper machine rather than my cross trainer/bike would be more beneficial ?

A good exercise to improve leg lift simply involves repeatedly going up and down a single step. Lead with your dodgy leg and come down on it first. You have probably seen these stretches already. Of course, the best solution is to be assessed by decent physio and get an exercise programme specific to your needs.

Thanks whammel.