hip exercise

As my right leg drags it self along these days i have found that my hip is no longer working,i just walk through.

Anyone with a good exercise to force hip use?

The hip hitch will probably help. Start with three sets of ten and see how you feel.

Excersise 25


Repeated stepping up and down a step with the offending could be useful.

Does your foot lift ok?

Spending some time with a decent physio will not be wasted. The MS Therapy Centres are very good if you have one in range.

Hello all, thank you whammel for this link. Not only is it interesting but it is very useful. I have the same problem as Posh as well as many other problems which these exercises may help. I wish I had seen it before I went on my vibration plate this morning. I will wait untill tommorrow to try them as I do not want to exhaust myself. Thank you posh for asking this question. Have a nice

weekend everyone the wheather looks good here in Birmingham.


thanx whammel

slvia did you see my reply regarding vibro plate?

No I didn’t, can you bring it forward for me if this is possible or let me know what your views are. It is always interesting to hear different points of view, even though this condition affects all in different ways. PS you spelt my name wrong but i’ll let you off LOL


l use a vibro - power plate machine - love it.

Good exercise for hips - is one we do at yoga class. You need a stretchy thera band for this. Lie on your back -hook the stretchy band around foot/ankle and pull on the band as you lift your leg in the air. The band will bring your leg up much higher.Tighten your grip on the band and try circling the leg - this helps loosen up the hip joint. Lower leg very slowly -and raise again just before it reaches the floor. Do it all over again. Make sure you do both sides. Repeat about 5times for starters.


ll the stretches in the link Whammel mentions work really well for stretching your hip muscles, although I cn’t do most of them any more. Another stretch I find useful is lying on your side and bending your top leg up at the knee and over in front of you. (I’m not sure that makes sense though :D)