Weak hands

Has anyone experienced this symptom? My hands have decided to be weak, also altered sensation. When I touch thing my fingertips have the kind of feelings you get when your hands have gotten really cold then you come into the warm. Not painful just irritating. I don’t seem to be able to grip things like knife and fork or a cup handle. Been going on for a week now, hoping it’s gonna pass. I have SPMS.:frowning:

I have something very similar. I started getting a burning sensation in my hands about 4 years ago, then they went kind of numb and now they’re burning, numb and weak. I also have trouble using a knife and fork and I drop things all the time.

Since I’ve had these symptoms for a few years I think I’m stuck with them permanently now, although they have improved a little.

Hopefully your symptoms will improve.

Do you have this BOTH hands? I’ve got one weak hand and that’s enough. Two weak hands would make life impossible.

But to answer your question ‘yes’. Just weakness though with no sensations other than pins and needles without the pain - strange feeling.

I have this - permanent loss of feeling in both hands and occasional weakness - best way I can describe the weakness is that my hands go ‘slow’ - no matter how fast I try to open/close my fingers they just won’t go!

The ‘slowness’ is quite rare and does affect things like writing so it’s very frustrating. Luckily mine hasn’t lasted more than a week or so each time.

I hope your symptoms improve xx

I have numbness in my hands too the right is worse than the left, they are weak as well, I find it hard to lift heavy objects as I can’t get a proper grip of them so I’m dropping things, my hands have just stayed the same, it is frustrating as I have hardly any glasses left in the cupboard, I’ve smashed most of them