Weak Bladder

As if fatigue wasn’t a swine in the first place, I’m not getting a good night’s sleep as I have to get up to pee on average 5 times a night.

Is this something I need to address with my MS Nurse or is there something I can take? Incidentally, I’m peed off (no pun intended) with work as we’re having a room move and I’m being located away from a toilet! I snapped at someone at work today as he mimicked my limp by doing the same himself. I exclaimed **** off, I’m disabled!

Hello Grumps,

There is some medication to take the urgency away. When I took it the results were mixed. I’ve stopped now prefering to manage my fluid intake. It is a real pain I’m afraid. As for your detractor, don’t accept an apology. Just ask him to do a repeat performance with a lot of people around-the more the better. You can even suggest that you leave the room so he can get maximum impact or ask him to follow you in a turn about the office in order to perfect his technique. Ask him if he was put on the earth just to make the numbers up.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Mr Grumpy, Do not suffer needlessly re: your bladder problems, please get a referral to the continence nurse or urology. There are meds which can improve your life - so grab the bull by the horns. The people in these depts are marvellous - so kind and understanding! As for the guy in your office. He is a total w****r - ignore him! One of my grandmas used to say ‘God pays debts without money!’. I think it’s true - life will catch up with him! Teresa xx

Hi Mr Grumpy,

When I mentioned this problem to my neuro a couple of weeks ago, he talked about a spray that you can use (in the mouth I guess) that stops the kidneys making urine overnight and thus stops you having to get up for a pee. I haven’t tried it yet, just considering it, and don’t know what its called I’m afraid. I hadn’t heard of this before.


Hi Mr Grumpy,

I agree, fatigue is a killer and coupled with keep needing to pee is the pits.

I am sure you can get some help with this either through your GP or MS

Nurse, don’t suffer in silence.

With regard to your colleague, what a complete b*****d, he needs to be reminded

of the phrase “what goes around comes around” might make him have a rethink.

Take care

Pam x

Mr Grumpy… you can do something at work about the toilet. They have to, by law, make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for you and letting you work nearer the toilet sounds reasonable to me. Understand you might not want to make a fuss… but when you have to go… well you have to go!

Your colleague sounds like a right bas£tard! Actually you could complain about that comment too!

Hope you can get some help for the bladder prob’s. Only thing I can think of, besides med’s, is cutting down on liquids in evening.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi grumps Colleague sounds a great laugh(pr*#k)surely work would take your condition into account there are meds you can take I’m on vesicare makes me feel bloated at times but it regulates your bladder and can be great help trying to ease off them and do exercise to strengthen core Be well Steve

Hi Mr Grumpy

I watch what I drink in the evening to help with this problem but the best solution that works for me is to self catheterise just before I go to bed. Ask to see a continence adviser.


I’m vexed.

I’ve been back to work on a phased return for 4 weeks and now I feel I’m being put under pressure to up my hours quicker than it was said I could when I was off sick. That’s the only reason I went back to work but now it seems that once they got me back, anything that was said to get me back was BS. I didn’t get anything in writing but surely I’m covered under the Equality Act and, being in the union, I’m sure I’ll be calling for their guidance.

I also mentioned that I wasn’t happy not being next to a toilet and the answer I got was it would mean me sitting on my own. Don’t know about you but I’d rather sit on my own than wetting myself.

Rant over … for now.

Hi Mr Grumpy… yes contact your union. Look at link below for your rights… they are breaking the law if they don’t stick to them… so don’t let them get away with it:


Good luck and keep us informed,

Pat x

Thanks Pat. Knew I could count on you!

Getting a sample to my GP next week to see if there’s any infection. If not ask my MS nurse to make an appointment for me to see the Continence Nurse.

My bladder issues have been eased greatly by taking a daily glass of water with a capful of cider vinegar added and a teaspoon of honey stirred in.

Mr Grumpy speak to your GP about a referal to see a continece adviser. I wish I had gone years earlier I am now catheterised full time but there is help out there I would say dont cut down on your fluid intake all that does is cause inections and I am the master of bladder infections reallly bad ones send me rigid head to toe and I talk rubbish well more rubbish than the normm. As for your charming collegue I liked the surgestion you get him to repeat it in full view of management and your union rep maybe even call in the local papers and the local radio to see his performance. Keep you chin up

Thanks for the advice hopps. I must have hit a nerve with my colleague as he’s started being civil to me ever since and asking how I am. I don’t normally bite so he must have realised he was out of order.