weak as a kitten.......miaowww

Afternoon each. Yes this weather is won`t run away with our heating bills, it`s fab to hang the washing why can`t I enjoy it?

Guess I already know the answer, eh?

Just feeling rough today..............weed meself yesterday....weak legs......jumping knees.................dizzy `ead. It`s a duvet day.......except the duvet`s too warm.

A new day tomorrow, eh?

luv Pollx

But the celebrations were worth it eh!

Have yourself a good long rest.

Chin up and all the best


Hi Poll, I didn’t have a good day yesterday but today I another day, tomorrow will be too.

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Thinking about you.


Hi Poll,

Hope you're feeling better soon - you probably over did it at the weekend but bet it was worth it.

Sit by a window and watch all the birds starting to build nests - very relaxing. 

Jen xx

Hi Poll

Sorry this weather is upsetting you as well. I thought it was only me.  I normally really enjoy the spring, but I suppose this one is hotter than usual, and it has had its effect.

Perhaps I can put my extreme weakness and pain down to the fact that I have come out in sympathy for you!

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone, take care and rest lots, that's what I am trying to do.

Pam x

Yes Poll, we have days like your having now.  We think we shall stay down, that nothing could get any worse, then for no explanation we change, in fact so fast Im not surprised lots of us wonder what next, when, how.  You will rise from this then forget what you were like.  Each time we dip our brains have ways of making us forget otherwise we would all be going nuts.


I hold your hand, lift your spirit and hope your smile glows throughout your body and makes it behave.


Tomorrow is another day as they say.  Thinking about you Poll, sending you love, care and loads of (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) -- who needs a duvet?


Take care,

Luv bren


Hi Pollx,

Sorry you are feeling under the weather just now,and hope tommorow will be a good day.happy2

Even when you are down you still managed to help people that need it[Tracey Direct payments].

You are a star.

Take Care,


Ps does the weather normaly do this to you.

Hi Poll,

You are,  down but definately, as usual, not out girl. Hope tomorrow sees the weather cool down a tad for all of us who suffer in this lovely weather. Chins up!  and feel better.

Anne x


Hi Poll, sorry to hear today has been a bad one for you especially after all the fun you had on your anniversary. Hope tomorrow will be kinder to you. Stay cool and take care.

Luv Janet x

Hi Poll

Sorry you’re feeling rough today - hope tomorrow is better. I must say I slept very poorly last night, it was so hot and suffered for the lack of sleep today.

I think it is going to slowly cool down from tomorrow onwards, so it may help all those heat-suffering MSers.

Look after yourself,

Love Teresa xx

Sorry, you're under the weather, I hope you feel better soon.

I feel your pain though, the weather is lovely, however, I've spent the past 4 days in bed, exhausted, no muscle strength, everything hurts and yesterday like you I did not make it to the loo in time. :(


have a good rest Poll.sleeping

love Teresa.  xxx  (the one who talks to her tortoise!!!!!)happy2

Sorry your not feeling too good Poll, the weather does seem to knock us lot out. I am still up at this time but to be honest have slept on and off throughout the day. A bit annoying really as it was my day off from work. You take care and hope you have a better day tomorrow. Much love and hugs Karen xx

Once again, my cyber pals have come to my rescue!

It`s great that we have each other to lean......even though we may make a good impression of the leaning tower of Pisa!

Hubby said to me this morning, `And you`re NOT staying in bed today!` I replied that I had no intention of doing such a thing!

PA bev, gave me a refreshing back wash, with the rough side of the massage sponge. Oooh, nice! It wakens me up!

Hope everyone is doing as best they can, yeh?

much luv, Pollxxxxxxx