We can still have ambitions


And why can’t we have a bucket list? The bucket list – mcchrystaleyes

At least the pictures are good.


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well I’ve done the London eye and lost some weight…right now I’d settle for a garden make over and a holiday all sorted.

I think it is great that we have ambitions. I’d like to be clever like Steve and be able to post pictures.

Go back to the USA and do a bit more of the Route 66

Go to all 3 of the Lambert’s Cafes in Missouri (the home of the throwed roll)

Go back to Arkansas to see our friends and hope we could afford to stay overnight at The Lodge at Mount Magazine.

Celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with our friends in the USA.

Go back up Table Mountain, Cape Town Actually get to see the Gwent Alterpiece. The last time I was there the cathedral was closed for lunch!

Phone my daughter from Reykavik before she phones me which will mean she got there first. Do my masters degree

Move to a bungalow

Know what it’s like to sleep all night

Be able to afford a gardener

Hi Grandma, what would you like to study for a masters degree? Are you any nearer to a diagnosis? Sue

Hi Steve

You may not be able to do a solo parachute jump, but there’s nothing stopping you doing a tandem dive. I did one a few years back, and I’m a wheelchair user.

Also, one to add to the list: learn to fly. Seriously. I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship by Flying Scholarships for Disabled People 5 years ago. I’ve never had any desire to learn to fly. Even if I did, I would have said there’s absolutely no chance I could ever do something like that (even without MS). But that’s basically why I did apply. It was a symbolic thing, to do something I thought I was incapable of doing. It was an incredible experience, notching up 25 hours in the pilot’s seat in just 4 weeks, including making 4 solo flights with no one else in the plane. It was tough emotionally at times, and came close to quitting. But God got me through it. It’s given me a big confidence boost about what I can do when I trust in God. The emotional high I felt when I landed after my first solo flight was incredible! Here’s their website -


The Jubilee Sailing Trust has two sailing ships designed for people with physical disabilities. As part of multi-ability crew, learn how a Tall Ship works as you take an active part in its voyages.

The voyages have shown that people’s perceptions change when placed in a mixed environment. People become more educated.

The JST redefines the word “disability”.