Anywhere special you'd like to visit in the world!

Hi everyone

At an MS meeting last week we learned that a woman was able to visit ‘Dollywood’ with the help of some of her own fundraising and the MS Society. You might know her, you might be her.

Anyway I have been trying to think of a place that I would like to visit that would make my dreams come true, just getting out of my own town for a bit would be a welcome change. This afternoon I watched ‘the secret policeman’s ball’ a concert started by ‘Monty Python’ that raises money for Amnesty International. It was very rude and very funny I haven’t LOL so much for quite a while, also Coldplay and Mumford and Sons were on the bill and I think that I would have loved to be there in the audience.

My question is, what would be your dream short break and do you think you will ever be able to do it?


Hi Wendy

I would love to be able to visit my sister, who has lived in Australia for 39 years now, and no, I will never be able to do it, but we can all dream.


I am sorry to hear that Pam; it is a long journey but that would definitely be something worthwhile.



Hiya Wendy

I am all over the world-sometimes 2/3 times a week!

I am not being flippant-honestly. I close my eyes and can be anywhere. Chasing a dream thats not physically possible would upset me so I ‘visit’ the Philippines, Finland, Crete and Belgium on a regular basis without leaving my home.

Some may say I am crazy! They may well be right! But I am never left disappointed with my ‘holiday’ cos my ‘trip’ is always perfect

I have been fortunate enough to visit some of the places (for real) before now but some I havent. I just think of the people that are there-not where they are and all is ok. I HAVE met ALL the people! Now that would be crazy to visit folk that I didnt know! LOL

Have a happy evening, think I will pop to Belgium for supper

Ellie x

Hi Wendy,

My dream is to go to Vennice in a gondola and have my OH sing to me, but knowing him he’d probably sing ‘Just one cornetto’ to me, who ever said romance is dead? Not only that I’d most likely with my legs and balance fall in trying to get in the boat!!

Janet x


My OH and I have a ridiculously long list of places we want to go and visit when he retires. Some of the things on his list will be solo trips though, e.g. I do NOT want to go to the Antarctic - way too cold! Same goes for the volcanic lava lake somewhere in Africa, but for opposite reasons - way too hot! (Never mind the need for an armed guard!)

The very first thing we’re going to do is to go to The Maldives to completely chill out. We went there in 2001; it’s the best holiday we’ve ever had - by a mile!

Karen x

Not to sound bigheaded but I worked for 26 years for British Airways. Travelled in my wheelchair all over the world and with all honesty can say the Highlands of Scotland are the most beautiful with lovely people.

Please no one tell efb I said that.



I have been on top of Latrig in my powerchair and would love to get to the top of Scarfel.



Too late


(And I agree George - Scotland is absolutely wonderful. Shame about the flippin’ weather though! But then, if the weather was better, it wouldn’t look like that…)

Karen x

Visit for the first time?
The Auvergne

To go back to?
Southern Nevada (not Las Vegas, but Henderson). Relatives, friends, wonderful scenery.


…would finance your trip if I had the means Pam!

Hi, just like to point out to Janet and Liz? it is really a piece of cake getting to both Venice and Rome by train, have a look at, we shall be doing it again in the near future, flying is too much of a hassle now (not the airport or flying just immigration) train is so civilised and THE best way to arrive in Venice, almost takes your breath away when you come out of the station! Rome takes your breath away for different reasons (well did 25 years ago, lol)


IBIZA !!! Sun, sea, sand and no!!! LOL ---- Shops!!! if i won the Lotto - thats where i’d be going…

I hope you go there Sarah sounds wonderful.



This sounds like a great idea Moira, I assume they’'re mountains?



Yes I can understand that Mel, I’ve been to the lake distric but never quite made it up as far as Scotland. My brother and sister inlaw have had lots of September holidays there and the weather was nearly always good. Dry at least.


I’ll have to try it Ellie it sounds like my kind of thing, haven’t been abroad too often, the first very hot holiday was in Croatia and I came back to illness and a strangely numb arm! I don’t regret going there though, I was saving my travelling until I retired. So glad my daughter has been able to travel the world while she’s young.


I’ve always had a hankering to go to the Galapagos Islands & Machu Picchu. I know someone who actually went to MP in a wheelchair last year, so it is possible.

Maybe one day?