holiday activities for us with disabilities pls?


can anyone tell me if they have been able to do things Abroad,such as scuba diving and air ballooning etc pls? I am being told that because of my MS, the people who usually deal with these activities abroad; do not allow people with disabilities such as MS, Diabetes, Epilepsy to name but a few, not to take part in these things… I am sure though that I have seen a programme that specifically showed people with disabilities, doing such things under supervision etc… would be absolutely gutted if this isnt true n i couldn’t try something like this now because of this poxy disease. Ty for all n any answers/replies
Regards Anna x

Not sure of your circumstances, but I’m going on a relaxed horse riding holiday in the Azores in May. Relaxed means 10 -15 hrs riding a week as opposed to the usual 6 hrs a day, that I’ve done in the past. I’ve made sure I’ve got prober travel insurance ( well I researched it and it seems suitable) I was honest with the questions they asked. I spoke to the specialist riding holiday company, explained my situation. They said this holiday will be suitable, they have had people with Parkinson’s ride with them for years apparently, they said sometimes that people have had to cancel because of their illness but generally things are ok. I’ve been with them twice before prior to ms diagnosis, once to South Africa and 3 years ago to Romania so I know that they are not some fly by night outfit. I had to get confirmation from my neuro that he was happy for me to travel and I was able enough ( physically not competently!) . Well I ride at least twice a week at the moment, pending this Poxy weather so he okayed that. I now know people in the ms group, who told me they traveled the world playing rugby in the early days of their ms. So, basically, do you feel able? I don’t see why ms should stop you, but you need to plan rests, maybe don’t do as much as the others. Only you know your circumstances, but I’m sure there is activities out there that you can do. Good luck and have fun.

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