Hi, Just curious to know how much water people drink. I produce a lot of saliva so very rarely feel thirsty and consequently don’t drink much. But, after reading stuff on t’internet, I think I should be aiming for 2 quarts a day. (I think a quart is 2 pints, so 4 pints in total). Anyone else increased the amount they drink and got any benefits? Also seen that putting a small amount of sea salt in it is good, but don 't know how quack this is. it theoretically gets blood flowing again, if MS does cause/ is caused by CCSVI. I’ve got a portable alkaline water filter and only drink alkaline water, but am hoping to have a reverse osmosis filter fitted in the new year. We live in a very hard water area, and I’ve noticed that when I drink tap water, my spasticity increases. Heather


I was told by a nurse I should be aiming for 2 litres a day.

I’m only a slim chap and over the years I must have only been on just over 1 litre. Struggled with constipation as an effect for years.

Since improving my diet a touch more and drinking about 1.8 litres a day I have hardly any problem with the dreaded constipation but pop to the toilet a bit more!

Oh and everyone says how young I look for my age. Is that the water? Wow!

Marty - The Younger

I drink about a litre and a half per day. Doesn’t make any difference to my bowels, they struggle coz of the meds I take. But my skin is always quite clear!

Salt can seriously interfere with the arteries’ abality to pump blood around the body.
Salt can reduce swollen veins - but only if the problem was caused by sodium deficiency in the first place.

The link between MS and CCSVI is not proven, so please do not get them mixed up with water intake or salt level.

How much water we need depends on what we are doing, our gender, and our current state of health - and I would suggest on our physical size as well.



i drink 6-8 glasses a day-tumbler size.

i have 2/3 hot chocs a week, 4/5 raspberry or liquorice tea, and one glass of oj daily. my mum told me years ago that she only drank clear fluids-water and vodka! (she was joking re the vodka!).very few folk believe what age i am and never believe i am a granny

i think geoff is right tho-its has too many variables to say an ‘ideal’ amount for all.


ps and have never had a urine infection-been diagnosed 8 years


My mums 90 - and only looks 70 on a bad day. She drinks lots of water - filtered. And always has a glass of hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. l am 66 - and only look 32 - but then my eyesight is not what it was.

I wouldn’t add salt, there is plenty in a balanced diet and you could be doing yourself harm adding more. Your blood is flowing fine, you’d know if it wasn’t.

I only drink water when I am actually thirsty as this is my system telling me I need it which isn’t that otfen. It depends what I’ve had to eat. But I drink plenty of tea all through the day which is of course water made interesting. And I drink orange juice just because I like it.


I’m sure your getting plenty of fluids. Warm drinks count and don’t forget the water in food. Please don’t add salt…that really is a no no xxx

Hi everyone, Thanks for your replies. From what I’ve found on t’internet, there does seem to be a possible link between fluoride and MS. I found a website that shows the fluoridated areas of England, and you can even drill down further and see by town nearest to where you live. Where I am in Staffordshire, fluoridation is 100% plus we’re in a very hard water area. We used to have to de-scale the kettle every 10 days before we got a water softener! I think the trigger event - what triggers MS - is different for everyone. But for me, my theory is…we moved here when I was 3 months pregnant with my first child. In fact, during both my pregnancies I was very ill. I think my body was so run down due to pregnancy that it couldn’t cope with the water, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think I was already run down before I got pregnant, stress from work, moving house, changing job, diet (although I didn’t know it at the time, I’ve done a lot of research into what’s in our food since becoming ill), lack of sunshine (I did overtime for years, evenings and weekends, and didn’t get outside much). I bought a water distiller a few months ago, and although it removes fluoride and other nasties, I’d read that it makes the water acidic so you shouldn’t use it for long. I’ve now dug it out again and am giving it a more serious go. I really think I’m on to something, at least for my circumstances. I still think I need to cure a leaky gut as well so am continuing with the probiotics and fermented veg. And vitamin D3, of course. Will keep you informed as to how I get on. Heather

My meds make me thirsty so have a bottle of water around in my handbag/car/work etc. Drink hot water 3 x per day.

Water where I live is lovely - can taste the chlorine in city water.

Drink up !!