Water infection.

Giood morning and a happy new year to everybody

I need your help.

Never realy had any problems with the water work just an odd infection.

In the past few months I have been plagued with water infections, a total of 7 almost 1 a month and have been on antibiotics for months.

I take high consentrate cranbbery tablets although the doc says your better off with the juice.

He is a great bloke and he seems to think that I would be better off self catheterising, something that I have resisted because I realy don't want to.

Anybody else have to do this.

I don't know why but I realy can't get my head around this.

I useually have no trouble with change but this seems too much.


Hi, Ronin.

Happy New Year to you to. I don't know if I can help - your Doc. is probably best for this. I'm 'sitting' with a catheter (which I've had for the last 3/4 months). I should get it 'removed' this month but I don't know what for? It has been good and bad - it's starting to 'get better now' but that is just at the end - I don't know what's next?


Hi Ronin

First off, your doctor's wrong about having cranberry juice rather than tablets - trials suggest tablets are more effective (as well as being cheaper and not loaded with sugar). As for using catheters, I can relate to how you feel. When it was first suggested to me there was no way I wanted to do it - the idea of sticking one of them up your manhood obviously wasn't appealing! But eventually I had to, and it was absolutely fine. It's not in any way painful - I remember being surprised that I didn't feel a thing. And I wished I'd started it sooner, as it was great knowing I'd not need to go to the loo for another few hours.

Hope that puts you more at ease with the idea.