Cranberry capsules

Hi everyone

I just wanted to let people know that after having 5 UTIs since March this year, that since early July I have been taking cranberry capsules and they seem to have halted any further infections.

Twice I had the start of an infection but once I started taking them regularly; I seem to stop the infection in its tracks.

Just wanted to let others know that Cranberry does seem to work.

Wendy x

Thanks for this, Wendy.

When I saw the continence nurse several months ago, she said I was retaining only “minimally” - i.e. below the threshold for concern, however, I still don’t feel I’m as I once was.

I have no specific evidence of infection (that was clear, too, when I saw the nurse), but keep wondering whether I should be taking anything anyway, as a precaution. I wasn’t sure about the capsules, as I’ve no idea whether they are as effective as drinking the normal juice.

My main problem is that the urge to go doesn’t seem to be inhibited overnight, the way it should when things are working properly.

I’m not sure if this is because I’m failing to empty properly before retiring, or just that the neural pathways that should instruct: “Stop, now, she’s asleep!” are b*ggered, and keep carrying on as if I’m awake.

Alternatively, it could be that there’s nothing much in there, but the sensitivity is on the wrong setting. :frowning:

Anyway, all told, something’s not right - but I realise that’s true of about half of women of a certain age, irrespective of MS. Certainly, as far as the nurse was concerned, it’s sub-clinical at the moment, but although symptoms are mild, my annoyance is the contrast with how I used to be.

I used to be able to have a lovely long lie-in, but now I either need a wee and have to get up for that, or start cramping, and need the morning Baclofen pronto, or both!

Do you think the cranberry pills may help at all, even for someone who doesn’t have a record of infections, or are only infections the only thing they combat?



I’ve found cranberry juice helpful in relieving the symptoms of a water infection and, another time, those of prostatitis. I’ve never tried the capsules as I rather like the taste of the chilled juice.

I once had a friend who used to drink cranberry with gin, he swore by it, often having several. I don’t think he’d have cared much for capsules.


Hi Tina

It’s hard to say whether they would help, the only reason I don’t drink the juice is the amount of sugar that’s in it, I did try using It appears that H&B have a more condensed capsule now and you only need 1 a day. They’re fairly expensive but you can be lucky like me and come across a 2 4 1 offer. Anyway I’m going off the point now, I was desperate not to take any more antibiotics, so searched the cupboard and found the bottle.

I also looked up (foods that can cause infections), as I wondered if there was something in my diet that was causing an inbalance.

There was a list of foods, mainly citric fruits, tomatoes and sugar or honey. I have started to eat more honey in the last 8 months, so have cut that down, as you never know.

I also have a problem with night time and having to go to the loo, as do some of my friends with ms. I can get up every other hour for the loo (as happened last night), it does seem to be a problem with ms and as you said women of a certain age.

Self catheterisation can help but is difficult when you are half asleep.

Good luck with what ever you decide

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, I have had repeated UTI’s (I catheterise) and got sick of taking antibiotics just about constantly. Spoke to my continence nurse on Friday after another infection and she suggested cranberry tablets. Hopefully they will help the problem. Anything is worth a try. Linda x

My MS nurse told me to try cranberry tablets as I hate the taste of the juice. They do work for me, I buy them from Boots (chemist) 30 tablets cost just over £5, but if I buy 3 for 2, the cost is just over £10 for three months, well worth it in my opinion

Rosina x

Hi Linda

I self cathiterise too and that could be the source of infections, I do hope the cranberry capsules help for you, as they have quite instantly changed my life for the better, not often you can say that.

Good luck

Wendy x

Yes you are right there Rosina definitely worth it. H&B are a bit cheaper but you have to buy more. I’m not that keen on the juice either and it saves having have a fridge stocked with it.

Wendy x

What ever’s good for you Ben

Wendy x