Water birth


I am 21 weeks pregnant and have RRMS. I really want a water birth, does anyone have experience of this? How hot is the water? At the moment by consultant is saying it will be up to my Neuro nearer the time.

Laura xx

Hi Laura,

It's more than likely that if you labour in water they will let you have the temperature at a measurement that's comfortable for you, but they will want to warm it for the second stage (when baby is born) to between 34-37 degrees. There is some argument now that this doesn't need to happen but I don't think things have changed on delivery suites yet.

The Obstetric Consultant needs to know that if there is a problem and you need to get out quickly that you will be able to do so without too many problems. If you are still very mobile then there shouldn't be a problem with this. It depends on the mind set of your Neuro really. 

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I had my second baby at home with my own birthing pool. I ended up getting out of the pool  to actually give birth as my husband did the delivery ( long story.....but the midwife didn't believe me when I said birth would be quick).
But I found the pool really nice to labour in ( not that that took long...less than 1 hour!) really helps take the weight off your legs so you can kaap upright and use gravity to help. We also found that during contractions pouring water down my lower back with a jug really helped. I felt the flowing water rather than pain.
I had the water about body temp or just below so it was comfy but not too hot.
I would say that with MS keeping the birth as natural as possible (as long as you don't get completely exhausted) does help the recovery after. I had no drugs with my second and felt find straight after as all the hormones kicked straight in. 
I would alo highly recommend a tens machine for out of the water.

Good luck.....enjoy!
Isobel x

Thanks for the messages, they are really useful. Fingers crossed my Neuro will let me do it. Xx

I was really lucky and had an obs consultant that specialised in MS.  So the plan was always to just go with the flow and not let me get too tired.  I did have an anaesthetic assessment for both my daughters just in case (and because I'm allergic to an anaesthetic drug).  The other thing is make a big thing about not being allowed to get too tired post birth to ensure you get a single room so you are not quite so disturbed by all the comings and goings in a bay.

I’m actually a midwife and have just been diagnosed with RRMS. Just wondered if there are any other midwives or nurses on here?!

Hi Emma. Im a midwife x